Halloween Safety!

Be safe this Halloween with These Tips

It’s that time of year again! The ghouls, ghosts, and monsters are coming out of hiding to haunt the mortal again this Halloween. We couldn’t be more excited! Halloween is a big holiday for college students. Not only does everyone get to dress up in great costumes, but they also get to go out on the town and have a great time! Halloween parties in college are some of the funnest, that’s a fact. Scary monsters aside, staying safe and vigilant is a must this Halloween. Today, our college attire company is going to go over some ways to stay safe this Halloween. Nothing is spookier than someone getting hurt!

The buddy system

Regardless of if you’re a guy, girl, freshman, or senior, don’t go out alone. Staying with a buddy the entire night helps to make sure that everybody gets to and from their destination safely. In the case that somebody is hurt or threatened, the presence of another person can, quite literally, save a life. What’s an easy way to stick with a person throughout the night? Dress up together! Whether you’re Bert and Ernie, the Three Musketeers, the Kardashians, or whomever, the collaborative costumes are the best way to keep groups from separating. I mean really, a single musketeer?  

Watch what you drink!

Unfortunately, putting your drink down and not attending to it is something that nobody should do. Even if you’re in a place where you feel safe, it’s better to hold onto your drink and watch it with a careful eye. Many college students go out and drink on Halloween, and while that’s fun, it could also be very dangerous if you’re not careful. This is also where the buddy system works: if you can’t hold your drink for a second, give it to your friend rather than putting it down. Also, if you notice that your drink tastes funny or you suspect that something might have been put in it, stop drinking immediately and monitor yourself. If you notice something wrong, leave with a friend and seek medical help immediately!

Look out for one another

When you’re out, it’s important to keep a wary eye open. Even if you and your friends seem okay, you should look out for anyone else who doesn’t seem right. If someone is alone and seems out of it, ask them if they’re with their friends. If you notice something suspicious, don’t be afraid to speak up. You could mean the difference between someone’s life being ruined and them getting home safely that night.

Listen to your instincts

If you’re going out to a party this Halloween, trust your judgment. Before you enter a home, look around at the people there. If the scene seems to be okay, then head in! If you notice something strange, like a lack of people or a strange vibe, it’s better to avoid that party and try somewhere else. If you’re on a college campus, you’re likely to find somewhere else with a better group of people. We always recommend going to a party where you’re sure to know the other people there.

Don’t be afraid to seek help

There is a huge variety of reasons why somebody may not want to seek help from medics or authorities. Unfortunately, sometimes getting into trouble is better than seeing someone you know, or even don’t know, be seriously injured or worse. If somebody is very sick, you sense danger, or you’re just uncomfortable, don’t feel pressured to avoid the situation. Be forward and call for help if something is wrong. You could save somebody’s life.

Be yourself

Well, technically, you’re not supposed to be yourself for Halloween, but that doesn’t mean you’re obligated to do things that you’re uncomfortable with. People like to experiment in college, but that does NOT mean that you have to. As a rule of thumb, if it’s illegal and your gut is telling you to that something is bad, don’t do it. Even if others pressure you, it’s okay to say no and to leave. More often than not, people will respect you for making your own decisions, not mock you. If they are rude, you shouldn’t be around them in the first place.

Stay scary this Halloween unless, of course, you’re actually scared. This is one of the most memorable and fun holidays in college. Our college gear company promises that you could have fun and be safe at the same time. We wish the world was safer, but for now, stick with a friend, keep your eyes open, and don’t do anything you’re uncomfortable with!

We at Barefoot Campus Outfitter wish you the happiest of Halloweens!

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