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Everything You Need to Know To Shop At Barefoot Apparel

Sure, you could wear the old standby campus bookstore t-shirt or sweater, but where’s the fun in that? There are two different kinds of college students out there: 1) those that rep their school with tired merch; and 2) those that show their school pride in style. What’s the difference? Barefoot Apparel. College students are […]

The Craziest Sports-Related Rituals and Superstitions

We love our sports teams. Whether you’re supporting Baylor, USC, Iowa State, or any other college team, you probably have some way that you show your support for your team. Maybe you have your college team shirt and that’s enough for you. Or perhaps, you’re repping with your team’s logo on your back window or […]

10 Excellent Ways to Show Your Team Spirit Pt. 1

If you didn’t grow up watching or being involved in sports, some of the intensity of sports fans may be a bit lost on you. You see these crazed individuals downtown, still painted in team colors and decked out head-to-toe in their team’s logo, celebrating the victory of the evening. Or on other occasions, you […]

What We Love About Fall Fashion

How to get your style ready for autumn! Stylish ladies, this one’s for you. What’s chilly, smells like pumpkin, and feels like heaven? Fall, obviously! While we love summer more than anything, autumn is a happy medium of not too hot and not too cold that we can get behind. What’s even better about fall […]

Your 2017 Solar Eclipse Guide

How to Make the Best Out of This Rare Solar Event! If you haven’t been keeping up with your social media, the news, science, or astrology of any sort, then perhaps you might not be too aware of the incredible thing that’s about to happen right above our heads. In a week from today, we’ll […]

Events You Need Custom T-Shirts For

Make sure you have tees for these events When was the last time somebody gave you a free t-shirt and you were mad about it? Arguably the most versatile piece of clothing, nobody could ever own too many t-shirts. Barefoot Campus Outfitter knows the value that a simple, but well designed t-shirt has and how […]

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