Everything You Need to Know To Shop At Barefoot Apparel

Sure, you could wear the old standby campus bookstore t-shirt or sweater, but where’s the fun in that? There are two different kinds of college students out there: 1) those that rep their school with tired merch; and 2) those that show their school pride in style. What’s the difference? Barefoot Apparel.

College students are all about budget-conscious chic elegance. They want to make a pair of shorts pop while also being able to transition into a killer evening look without too much fuss. No matter how you try, that campus bookstore gear just won’t cut it. And why would you want it to?

Bring it proper means having some serious swag, and few things can make a person turn out a room like the right clothes! Barefoot Apparel brings the hipness & the pizzazz you need to really make a statement.

Still not sure if Barefoot Apparel is the right call? Well, maybe this’ll help:

Is it all about college gear? No way! You can find some really sweet digs in a number of themes including camping/outdoors, holiday, humor, and rodeo.

Do you have clothes for my school? You’ll find clothing & accessories showcasing colleges from across the country, with local love at their core.

Am I going to find the same grey or college-specific colors I’d find elsewhere? Heck no! A pop of color AND fun designs are part of the Barefoot Apparel experience.

The really cool thing about Barefoot Apparel is that everyone will find something that’s just too darn cool to pass up, including your parents! “Local Vibes. Your Life.” isn’t just a tagline — it’s a philosophy. It’s a new year & time for a change. Sounds like the perfect time to give things a little oomph!