5 Fun Things You’ll Find At Barefoot Campus Outfitters

Retailers try to attract a younger demographic all the time, and it usually tends to be a little on the bland side, offering very few things that are cool & different. Here at Barefoot Campus Outfitters, we’re not just any other retailer. We aim to give everyone that visits their website or stores a new way at looking at college life.

As they say, “Go big or go home”, right? Barefoot Campus Outfitters does just that in a big way. Besides finding the hippest campus digs on Earth, you can find all sorts of fun stuff:

Face Masks

Kinda hard to think of something covering your face as being cool & fun, right? Wearing a mask is about being responsible & doing your part to help get through the screwiness in the world right now. Still, that’s no reason the mask you wear has to be ‘meh’. Show your school spirit on neck gaiters, pleated face covers, and some pretty sweet herringbone & chevron designs. 

Can Coolers…for parents?

Whether it’s a dope house party or an awesome tailgate, a can cooler can keep your beverage of choice at just the right temp. Some of Barefoot Campus Outfitter’s sweetest can coolers are all about celebrating broke college…parents?!? Hey, Mom & Dad forked over some serious dough for your education, and all they get is a kickin’ can cooler.

Online Exclusives

If you’re looking for some really unique t-shirt designs, you gotta check out the ‘Online Exclusives’ area on Barefoot’s website. It a great way to stand out from the crowd, as well as opening up new paths for your school’s apparel.

Barefoot Athletics

Maybe you’re looking for the perfect design but need a little custom help. No sweat. Barefoot Athletics allows for customizable apparel for everyone from bridal partygoers & school organizations to those with town pride & first responders.

Gift Cards

Yeah, even the gift cards are kinda fun. Don’t make yourself crazy choosing the right look for someone. Let them make the call themselves.

Barefoot Campus Outfitters is all about keeping things fun & loose. You love reppin’ your college with style. You’re a homer at heart & love to let others know about it. You’ve got a sense of humor & like keeping things light. Barefoot Campus Outfitters has got you covered and then some.

So, why only read about Barefoot Campus Outfitters? Check out what they’ve got poppin’ today!

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