7 Places To Wear Baylor Hats

Do Baylor hats have a place other than Baylor University activities? You betcha! For example:

Waco, Texas

Few places on the planet are as perfect as Waco, TX to rock your Baylor Bears hat & accessories. Why? Uh, ‘cuz that’a where Baylor University is, playa! Driving on I-35 & passing through, you’re no doubt in Baylor Country. In fact, McLane Stadium is a towering figure just off the highway & right off the banks of the Brazos River. Waco is the spiritual home of all Baylor hats near & far.

Football Games

Of course, the easy answer would be an actual Baylor football game. But remember — you’re in Texas. Football is life is football is, well, you get the picture. As those Friday night lights shine brightly, rock your Baylor hat. There’s no denying you’ll run into alumni everywhere you go.

Anywhere Gold & Green Are Main Attractions

Baylor Gold & Baylor Green (there’s at least four NCAA Color Codes you can use) are popular colors for many schools across the country. Even if you’re not in the Lone Star State, so long as green & gold are flying high, your Baylor hat will fit in nicely.

Rivalry Games

Few places are as much fun to rock your school pride than at a rivalry game. If you want your Baylor hat to make a statement, wear it near anything involving Texas Christian University (TCU). These two Texas schools first met on the football field in 1899, and there is no love lost. Just remember if you see more purple than green & gold, “run!


You can’t experience tailgating without the right gear. If you’re letting folks know it’s all about the Bears, then you need to have a Baylor hat. More importantly, you need to have that one lucky hat all sports fans have that means surefire victory.

Work in the Yard

Even when you’re taking care of mundane chores, let the neighbors know you’re Team Baylor ALL THE WAY. Who knows? You might have alumni closer than you think…or you may be starting the ultimate neighborhood rivalry.

Volunteer Work

You love giving back to your community in any way you can, and you’ve become a staple at soup kitchens, community bake sales, and fundraising fun-runs. How do folks remember you? By the ever-present Baylor hat you rock at every event. Being known as “Baylor Dude” or “Baylor Girl” while thinking beyond yourself is about as cool as it gets.

No matter if it’s Baylor hats or any other gear you want to rock to show your school fandom, you want to wear it with confidence. You also want to gear that’s unique, different, and matches you. Why just rock any old ball cap when you can wear one that is totally you? This means you gotta find the right store, which means you gotta keep your school’s bookstore strictly about your books!

Barefoot Campus Outfitters is THE place for Baylor hats, shirts, and all things college spirit. Cheer for your team in style today!

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