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Is Shopping Really Always a Good Idea?

I love shopping, a little retail therapy never killed anybody…  but, is it always a good idea? Every day of the year? That one, BIG day is upon us… BLACK FRIDAY I’m usually not a big Black Friday shopper… the crowds and the malls are way too much for me. Not to mention, I’ve spent […]

Making the Most Out of Your Holiday Season…

Who do you spend your holidays with? Your immediate family? Everyone? ~ squeezing into one cozy house with all of your parents, siblings, aunts & uncles, cousins and grandparents? Maybe you spend it with your closest friends? Have you ever thought about how much time you’re actually spending with them in these moments? The best […]

Places you can bring your best friend!

If you are a dog owner, you know the heart breaking look your pup gives you when you’re heading out the door with out them. I mean, seriously Kate (my 1 year old bulldog) deserves an Oscar for her Sarah McLachlan’s “In the arms of an Angel” performance. Then, all it takes is 6 little words […]

March Must Haves

TSU Boot Scootin - BLUJEAN

Man, was March a good month. It was such a teaser for summer with pool days and spring break, but we still have a few more weeks (six to be exact but who’s counting). Regardless, a new month brings new favorites, so here’s mine: Clothing: Vans Sliders So I’m heavily into the whole slider shoe […]

February Favs

Beauty bloggers can do it, so why can’t I? So this is how it’s going down; after every month I’ll list my favorite things according to categories. Then you go out and try them and be equalobsessedsed with me (being obsessed with something along side others is what life is all about). So without further […]

25 Ways to Wrap This Season

  So you may or may not have even started Christmas shopping, but you can at least get some neat gift wrapping ideas! Read all the way to the bottom for a free surprise! Enjoy (: Photos of you with your gift recipient rather than a gift tag for a personable alternative. Chalkboard paper is a […]


>>YETI FUN FACTS<< 1) YETI… AKA the legendary ice monster or abominable snowman. 2) OR- the best cooler ever made. 3) Whitewater Kayaks?  Yeah, YETI’s are made from the same material. 4) You may think YETI’s are a little expensive… BUT if you are the first one to unscramble the words from all of our social […]


October 1st is the kick off to a PINK October! It’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There’s so much that goes on to bring about breast cancer awareness. Whether it’s a community walk or run, a football game, triathlon or a chewing gum bubble blowing contest…they all benefit and focus on one cause…breast cancer. May […]