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Baylor University in Waco, Texas
Barefoot Campus Outfitter started about 90 miles northwest of Waco in Stephenville, a small Texas town, better known as “The ‘Ville.” Our Waco store opened in August 2014 and is located right across the street from Vitek’s BBQ and just a few blocks down from Baylor University. Vitek’s started in 1915 as a family owned and operated meat market and is now famous for their amazing BBQ. If you haven’t tried the “GUT PACK” yet, you’re definitely missing out. If you’re in the mood for a burger, we would recommend Health Camp or Twisted Root. For some of the best Mexican food around, stop by Ninfa’s, which is located downtown. Have you ever listened to Texas Country or heard of Pat Green? There’s a reason he wrote a song about George’s. Be sure to stop there for a “Big O”.

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