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Spring has SPRUNG!

A few days late on the first day of Spring… so, HAPPY FIRST WEEK OF SPRING! The weather has definitely been in our favor, it’s been gorgeous! Literally feel like the past couple of years on the first day of spring it seriously snowed… so PRAISE JESUS for the beautiful sunny weather! Even if it’s […]

Super Bowl Sunday or Snack Bowl Sunday?

Who even plays in the Super Bowl this year? L O L, HELP. Alright, let’s not take this the wrong way. I truly love football, I’m talking like the kind of love that I get excited to sit around all day on Saturday’s watching different games or heading out to a fun patio wearing my […]

Kick the Bad Habits!

Hiding from the reality of your bad habits?! QUIT IT! Now is the time to let them go! So I’ve had a few blogs over being out with the old and in with the new sort of thing, trying new things and how to stick to your resolutions… but how about kicking the habits that […]

New Year, New Style!

^ Who needs a Valentine when your bestie can be yours this year? Match in these NEW precious “TX XOXO” love tees! ^ Well, it’s exciting around Barefoot Campus Outfitter! All of the college apparel products that we have been holding for the new year has been shipping out and being placed on the website. Actually, Brittney […]

The Start of Something New…

Resolutions that are easy to keep! Everyone always makes the same New Years resolution… to get fit. While that is all great and dandy, and I’m all for it… no one really seems to stick to that. So, why do we not pick resolutions that are still beneficial to us but easier to stick to […]

Unwinding from Christmas…

Does anyone else get that incredibly sad feeling the day after Christmas? You wake up and feel like you have nothing left to live for? The Christmas tree lights aren’t on, there are no more presents under the tree and the Christmas movies are slowly dwindling down on the tv guide… depressing, right? Okay, maybe […]

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