The Start of Something New…

Resolutions that are easy to keep!

Everyone always makes the same New Years resolution… to get fit. While that is all great and dandy, and I’m all for it… no one really seems to stick to that. So, why do we not pick resolutions that are still beneficial to us but easier to stick to and make happen every day? I decided to make a list of resolutions that I felt were great choices to do for a change in your life but that were also not impossible to get up and do every day. SO, here we go …

  1. Drink more agua. Everyone can afford to drink more water so why not make that a priority?! Make it a point to not buy anything but water bottles for your house or be like some and carry a jug with you throughout the day. I literally find it easier to just go with the water bottles only, l o l.
  2. Move more --> sit less. Go for walks, bike rides or runs! Have your best friend. S/O, or pupper go with you!
  3. Explore and travel more! That doesn’t mean you have to book extravagant trips or travel out of the country… your state and I’m sure even surrounding towns have a lot to offer!
  4. Volunteer more! All the babies at the local shelters would LOVE for you to come play with them and help take care of them! That would be my first choice but there are plenty of volunteer opportunities where you could find your perfect fit.
  5. Snail mail. Send more handwritten letters! I started this last year and kinda dropped the ball after a while, it’s crazy how easy it is to not have the time to sit down and write someone a letter. I did enjoy it while it was going back and forth though, it was different and fun. I am willing to pick the pen up again and get to writing! I definitely recommend this… and keep all the letters you receive!
  6. Try something new --> yoga, baking, DIY projects! Whatever floats your boat. Find a new hobby?
  7. Quit one bad habit… can mine be dr. peppers? Ugh, idk if I can hold true to that y’all. More power to Y O U though!
  8. Go to bed on time, when you get in bed. Put the phone down 30 minutes to an hour before you get in bed, allow your mind to truly shut off and get a good nights rest.
  9. Take one day off from social media, every month.
  10. Send thank you cards! A kind gesture that has been so forgotten. Update: I have witnessed people not send thank you cards after their wedding/wedding gifts lately… W O W.
  11. Shop your local farmer’s markets!
  12. Take a fitness class! We all want to say we will get fit in the New Year and work out but sometimes this is easier! Instead of making yourself go pump the iron at the gym, head to a pilates class, yoga or hip hop dance class. I love them all! And with your comfy campus t-shirt or college wear, your exercise will be spent in ultimate comfort!

I hope some of these sparked some interest in you or maybe gave you an idea for something else! I am all for New Year’s resolutions, I think they are great and fun! I personally know how hard it is to stick to them though, I fail every year lol. Maybe I’ll have better luck in 2018 though y’all, we will see…

What are your resolution ideas? Anything different from mine?

Let me know in the comments of this share below!

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Don’t forget to eat your black eyed peas for good luck!


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