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10 Excellent Ways to Show Your Team Spirit Pt. 2

Welcome back to our blog series! Last time, we discussed important steps that you can take to be a better fan. We talked about upping your team spirit game by going to games and tailgate parties, wearing team apparel and gear, and decking out your car or bike in your team’s logo. While these ways […]

Don’t Get Sick this Winter

Some ways to prevent sickness this cold season What’s icky, annoying, and nearly impossible to avoid if you live on a college campus? A cold or the flu. No matter where you walk—to class, to the library, to the dining hall—you’re interacting with other people and, quite literally, picking up what they’re putting down. Gross! […]

College Apparel to Buy for Your Favorite Student or Fan

Shop these items this holiday season! The holidays are upon us, so don’t waste any more time stressing about what you should buy for your friends and family. Barefoot Campus Outfitter is the go-to store to pick up all of your gifts for college students and fans alike. This holiday season, shop for some college […]

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas…

It’s the best time of the year! HAPPY DECEMBER! For those of you who have been boycotting Christmas… you may now jump on the spirit train! *cue Mariah Carey* Here at Barefoot Campus Outfitter, we’re finding ourselves neck deep in Christmas prep! Do you have any Christmas traditions that get you into the holiday spirit?! […]

How to Keep Your Skin Healthy this Winter

Keep your skin clear this winter! Brr! Up in the states that reach a littler further north, like Iowa, the cold weather is seeping in and freezing the noses and toes of everyone residing there. While the frigid weather does have its perks—Santa!—it also has its downsides. One of the worst that most of us […]

Halloween Safety!

Be safe this Halloween with These Tips It’s that time of year again! The ghouls, ghosts, and monsters are coming out of hiding to haunt the mortal again this Halloween. We couldn’t be more excited! Halloween is a big holiday for college students. Not only does everyone get to dress up in great costumes, but […]

Fall Fashion for Guys

Great Autumn Fashion Ideas for Guys Hey there! Welcome back to the Barefoot Campus Outfitter Blog. We’re dedicated to providing you all with the latest trends and fashion ideas, as well as helpful guides for navigating the world as a college student. It’s finally October and you know what that means: fall fashion, chilly days, […]

Some College Advice for All Students

Follow your heart this semester It’s time for the new semester! You’ve probably already moved into your new dorm or back into your apartment and are likely starting to settle into your classes and get back in the swing of things. College is an exciting time. Whether you’re a brand new freshman trying to navigate […]

How to Look Super Cute at a School Sporting Event

Our Sporting Event Outfit Suggestions Hello, hello! And welcome back to the Barefoot Campus Outfitter blog! We love to use this space to not only talk about our amazing t-shirts, campus clothes, and college attire, but we also love giving you up-to-date advice and stories that need to be shared with the world! Our company […]

Let Your Wanderlust Take You to these United States Destinations

Here are some of our college apparel company’s favorite destinations to travel to! Oh, hello! Happy summer, everybody! What’re more wonderful than sunny days filled with pool parties and beach days that roll through a day-glo sunset before settling into the most memorable nights of the year? And, unless you’re a soul making up a […]

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