How to Keep Your Skin Healthy this Winter

Keep your skin clear this winter!

Brr! Up in the states that reach a littler further north, like Iowa, the cold weather is seeping in and freezing the noses and toes of everyone residing there. While the frigid weather does have its perks—Santa!—it also has its downsides. One of the worst that most of us experience is dry, flaky skin. The dry air combined with the wind chill is enough to cause our once-supple skin to turn red, blotchy, and patchy. And no, this doesn’t look good on anyone. As a college apparel company who always wants our shoppers to look amazing, we thought we’d give our readers a few tips to keep their skin looking good through the cold season:

Don’t overwash

Sometimes, when people notice something wrong with their skin, they immediately assume that it’s because of oil or dirt. In the winter though, over-washing can heighten the initial irritation that was caused by the cold weather. Try to limit the amount of times you wash your face everyday to two times at most. And, if your skin does become irritated, avoid washing your face unless it has makeup on it, at least until the irritation lets up.

Moisturize with a good moisturizer

If you don’t moisturize your face after you wash it, you need to start! Not only does applying a moisturizer to your face keep it hydrated, but it also helps prevent wrinkles. Use a light, oil-free moisturizer after you wash your face. We like Cetaphil Face Lotion because it is non-greasy, non-fragranced, and smooth. Additionally, it has sunscreen in it to protect your face from the sun, which can also irritate your skin (more on that in a bit!). If you notice that a light moisturizer isn’t enough, use a night cream, like the one by Mario Badescu that some of us at our campus clothes shop love!

Use sunscreen

Just because it isn’t summer doesn’t mean your face is totally protected by the sun. Whenever you go outside, you should always use a sunscreen on your face that is at least SPF 15. This is especially true for people who enjoy the outdoors during the winter, like hikers, skiers, and snowshoers. The clouds don’t totally protect your skin, and your face is susceptible to extensive sun damage whenever you fail to apply sunscreen. Additionally, the sun is a huge instigator of poor skin because it not only causes damage to the top layers of skin, but it also dries them out.

Avoid harsh products

Not everyone has perfect skin and can use a light face wash and call it a day. Many people use astringents, toners, and a whole array of chemicals to keep their skin calm and at bay knowing that once they switch up their skin care regime, the world is going to end. In the winter, though, these products can have an opposite effect on skin. Because of the irritation caused by dry weather, the drying effects that most of these products pose on skin can do quite a job on angry skin. If possible, reduce how often you use these products and use a more gentle cleanser and moisturizer between uses until your dry skin clears up.

Don’t use ointments with mineral oils

Tempting as it may be to lather petroleum jelly onto your cracked, patchy face, you should avoid using these products on your face! The mineral oils in these ointments are thick and can block oil secreting glands. This in turn prevents your face from receiving the natural oils that your skin needs to heal. So, by applying this stuff to your skin, you’re technically making it dryer. Instead, opt for an intense moisturizer that is designated for dry, flaky skin, like the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream that is gentle yet effective.  

Use lukewarm, not hot, water

Admit it, we all take scalding hot showers during the winter, especially after being out in the cold! Hot showers, while amazing, are the worst for irritated skin. The hot water dries out and even burns skin, which isn’t doing anything for the patches that already exist. Be diligent with the temperature of your shower and don’t let it get too hot. In the case that you just need it to be steaming hot, don’t wash your face in the shower and instead wait until you’re out. Then, use lukewarm sink water while cleansing.

Be careful with lipbalm

We couldn’t forget about our lips, which are usually the first to go once winter rolls in. Our first instinct is to lather them up with lipbalm and never let them be without it! However, lipbalm isn’t always the answer. The waxes and oils used in many of today’s balms can make peeling and chapping worse by preventing natural healing processes. With that in mind, don’t overdo it on the lip balm. Additionally, make sure to avoid balms with excess chemicals fragrances. Opt for an all natural one that’s made with shea or coconut oil.

Winter is the time of year to relax, so make sure you’re following a skin care regime that’s also relaxing! Avoid harsh products and scalding water and you should be good to go all winter long.

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