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Happy Holla Dayz

Hey, it’s me again. We thought November was crazy, L O L. December is JAM packed with final exams, company Christmas parties, Friendmas, Christmas, New Years, and everything in between. WHEWWW. No need to overwhelm yourself though, take in all the craziness of the holiday season. I came across this quote the other day that […]

Last Minute Thanksgiving Recipes

Friendsgiving tonight? Family Thanksgiving tomorrow throughout the weekend? Now that we’re considered “adults” don’t be that guy/gal that doesn’t bring a signature dish for holiday potlucks or even more relevant.. THANKSGIVING THAT IS TOMORROW! These super simple recipes that I put together are my absolute favs, so give me a little credit when people don’t […]

One of the Guys

Its no secret I’m most definitely a girly gal with a TON of girlfriends. And having your girls is everything it’s made out to be don’t get me wrong, but its just so much different with your group of guy friends. You just get this warm feeling about carrying these platonic relationships with your group […]

Oh Little Girl…

Sometimes you meet someone who changes your whole world. Someone that can make even the darkest of times fade away with just a simple smile. They can make you a better person every single day and almost force you to realize the things that really matter the most. How is my niece only 15 months old […]

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