What’s After A Spooky Basket?

I cannot begin to tell you how many times I heard about a “spooky basket” in the month of October. For those of you that don’t know what it is.. a spooky basket is a gift basket full of candy, pumpkin carving tools, fuzzy socks, and all the goodies to give to your significant other or for a more fitting term, your boo. (get it? lol.) Really the only reason I truly know what they look like is because most of my friends received one, not because I did 🙂 . l o l  at my life. BUT THEY ARE SO CUTE so definitely not bitter. But what comes next after spooky baskets? Are we going call them thankful baskets for the month of November..? Turkful for you baskets? Gobble Gobble baskets? The twitter world needs to have a meeting about this since they’re the ones who made spooky baskets blow up on social media. I don’t know why I’m so invested in this trend right now.. maybe because I’m a total gift giver.. Who knows, I might just fix up a (whatever we all decide to call it for the month of November basket) for someone. This stuff is my forte. Heck, I might just make it for myself. WHOEVER it goes to, here’s some goodies no one would be mad about receiving. 😉

it’s scrunchie szn
the s’more the merrier 😉
gift cards are God sent
gold chokers are a great staple piece to any outfit and v much appreciated
sweater weatha boiii
Barefoot has all the goods
def will fill up your Nov basket, these are to die forrrrr


A ‘your welcome’ in advance for making your lil turkey happy