Man I love College

If Asher Roth has taught us anything… it’s the right way to do college. This is the one week of the year where those awful professors may surprise you with well, not being as awful and give you some grace with your course load. Homecoming is once a year, they know this is like mini Christmas for us, lol. While taking on this hectic homecoming week let’s just go over the feel-goods of college, tips and tricks, what to and what not to do.

  • Drink Miller Lite (bc what other beer even compares)
  • Don’t bounce…house rules
  • Don’t pass out with your shoes on
  • Put your drink as high as you can, CHUG CHUG CHUG CHUG

On the real though, Homecoming is a C R A Z Y week. All of our fav school traditions have us on our toes and anticipating our alumni coming back into town for the weekend. While the weather might not be in our favor this week, us millennials know a thing or two about accommodating, we got dis.

  • Use the buddy system everywhere you go.
  • Carry your powder and a small brush in your purse, the weather sucks, you’ll prob have to retouch your makeup a time or two.
  • DRESS FOR THE THEME. you stick out like a sore thumb if you don’t. Plus who doesn’t love themes?
  • Get your homework done that Sunday and Monday of hoco so you don’t stress about it later on throughout the week.
  • tailgate is a marathon not a sprint
  • Barefoot literally cuts your tees FOR YOU.. FO FREE. you don’t have to think so hard about your hoco outfit, just come see us!
  • g r u b  at tailgate so you have something in your system since you’ll most likely be drinking all afternoon.
  • Take all the pics. Y’all know I’m all about the memz. These are the nights we’ll never want to forget.
  • Use Lyft/Uber. Paying for a $10 Lyft is better than putting yourself and others at risk.


Lastly, You probably can’t tell someone what you learned from school but you could tell them a story or two. 😉  Can’t wait to see all the tags we have from y’all in bfoot gear this weekend!



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