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Why The Little Things About Graduation Matter…

To my fellow May graduates… I remember a few months ago, even a few weeks ago when it was exciting to think about taking grad pictures, getting your announcements out, the thought of graduation day, your after graduation plans… all of it. Now, here we are, 25 days out and where am I? Not giving […]

Spring BROKE & Daylight Savings…

How did both of these things fall into the same week for us this year? Does it always and I’m just not thinking straight? I’ll tell you why I’m not thinking straight. It’s because this past week was exhausting! Spring break officially left me spring BROKE… and I even worked most of last week! The […]

Spring Break Doesn’t Have to Break the BANK

With March being only two days away… we only have one thing on our minds… SPRING… BREAK! We all want to have a fun spring break, who doesn’t? We all always want the extravagant, crazy fun, road tripping spring break that you always hear about or see on movies, social media, etc… but let’s be […]

Operation Hat Trick – A Purchase With A Purpose

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in our every day, “stressful” lives, where we allow the smallest of problems & confrontations to get us down. Myself, like many others are guilty of this on a daily basis. When I step back & look at the big picture, everything becomes minuscule. We live in the United States of America, […]

Graduation Gift Guide

Graduations are right around the corner! Whether it’s high school or college, graduation marks a special time in students lives. It’s only appropriate to reward your loved ones with gifts to congratulate them. Here’s a little help if you’re stumped on what to get! High school grad? They’ll want anything with their future schools spirit. College […]


>>YETI FUN FACTS<< 1) YETI… AKA the legendary ice monster or abominable snowman. 2) OR- the best cooler ever made. 3) Whitewater Kayaks?  Yeah, YETI’s are made from the same material. 4) You may think YETI’s are a little expensive… BUT if you are the first one to unscramble the words from all of our social […]

Barefoot loves Baylor!

Barefoot Waco has now been open for 7 months, and the time has flown by quickly! Many great memories have already been made, and we are looking forward to many exciting events this spring! With help from the “Dream Team” and members in the Waco community, we were able to expand our store over Christmas Break. This […]


Barefoot Waco has now been open for four months, and time sure does fly when you are having fun! And by fun…. We mean WINNING! There are no words to describe the excitement stirring on campus and in the entire Waco community. College GameDay is upon us and you can guarantee that Mr. Lee Corso, […]

Barefoot @ Baylor University

  Well, Baylor Nation, we’ve been working diligently to open our new Waco store… for six straight months! The prep work is over and our doors opened on August 15, 2014. Barefoot Waco has arrived! Beginning last February, a few Barefoot employees headed South on Highway 6 to Waco in preparation of opening a new […]