Spring Break Doesn’t Have to Break the BANK

With March being only two days away… we only have one thing on our minds…



We all want to have a fun spring break, who doesn’t? We all always want the extravagant, crazy fun, road tripping spring break that you always hear about or see on movies, social media, etc… but let’s be slightly realistic, sometimes that just isn’t financially possible. Florida trips can get expensive, even if you have enough people to split a house with! Adding up gas, food, alcohol (if you choose), travel essentials, etc., can get to be quite a lot. Aside from maybe just not having the money up front, some of us can’t afford to take the time off work. That essentially breaks the bank too when you’re taking half of or the whole week off.

None of that means that you have to miss out on the fun though! We have two weekends during spring break and there are plenty of places in your own state (or right around it) that you can explore!

You can make these quick getaways a boozy scene with your crowd, you can make it adventurous or you can make it relaxing.

  1. New Braunfels- let’s just go ahead and start with the river… because what else does every Texan look forward to when the weather starts warming up? Run down for a day or two and spend one day floatin’ all your worries and responsibilities away.
  2. BSR Cable Park – Waco, Texas. Ok, I have yet to personally experienced this but it looks freaking awesome. The Royal Flush is basically like a huge slip and slide, of course, they have the cable park, a wild lazy river, and even a surf pool?? How could you not want to spend a day or two there? So much to do with so little time. https://www.bsrcablepark.com
  3. San Antonio – When was the last time you made a trip to The Alamo? It may sound like kind of a lame spring break idea, but honestly who doesn’t love it once you get there? It’s a pretty cool spot if you ask me. Don’t forget the Riverwalk for your evening plans! Fatten yourself up with some delicious Mexican food and margaritas (of course)!
  4. Fredericksburg, Texas – Hey! Home to TWO of our storefronts! Barefoot Fredericksburg and Camp Hayden! Pack up your Barefoot college wear from Barefoot Campus Outfitter and pop into this cute little town for the weekend and enjoy wineries, brewery tours, and some shopping!
  5. Visit Big Bend! I haven’t done this one yet either, but my parents have and they absolutely loved it for a quick weekend getaway! This is more for our more adventurous and exploring souls! Get out and enjoy the fresh air! Hike, bike, air tours, horseback riding, river trips, and tons of beautiful sightseeing! Take a bit and visit Boquillas! A small Mexico village that is located on the Eastern side of Big Bend National Park! *must have valid passport* 
  6. Broken Bow, Oklahoma – load up your campus apparel, your best pals, or maybe even some of your family and rent a cabin in Broken Bow! Be super outdoorsy and pitch a tent while camping for the weekend. Either way, sit around the campfire with some cold beer, go fishing, hiking, kayaking, and/or ZIP LINING!

Spring break doesn’t have to be anywhere crazy or extravagant… but you can still make some of the best memories with your favorite pals! It’s a time to unwind and de-stress ourselves from school. Halfway through the semester! We got this! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not downplaying spring break one bit. I am most definitely, absolutely… counting down the days, l o l.

Where do you plan on heading this spring break? Anywhere different or fun?! Let me know in the comments of this share!

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