Barefoot Bloopers

So, it probably looks like everything runs so easily and so smoothly on our end, doesn’t it? Either you think it looks that way because you see the website, the blogs, the final images, finalized product, and all of our fun social media posts OOOR you don’t even think twice about it. I never thought about it before I started here, I just saw how perfect everything looked on social media and how cute all the products and college wear was!

With that being said, of course, we work really hard to put together a product that you guys will love and we work hard to keep our social media fun to engage with you guys… because we truly want to! It makes our jobs more fun!


The chaos you guys miss out on, L O L. There are two things that I never lie about…

  1. I love my job… and two…
  2. There is never a dull moment around here.

I haven’t worked here at Barefoot Campus Outfitter for too long, only since September, but in this amount of time that I’ve been here, I have learned a lot. One of the biggest things that I’ve learned and have been able to appreciate… is to breathe and start over, or to laugh at myself. Learning to work with new things can be frustrating, but I love working at Barefoot because there is patience, acceptance and the ability to just calm down and restart.

Photoshoots…. rarely ever go smoothly. Whether we forget a school, completely (LOL, it happens)… have a Texas hat on with an Iowa tee shirt throughout the whole shoot, can’t figure out how to do a school’s hand sign or realize that we’ve left a ponytail on our wrists… at least at the end of it, there is always many moments of laughter. That’s what makes it fun. How boring would it be if everything ran so smoothly all the time? No thanks! In that case, we would never get to look back throughout our shoot pictures and laugh hysterically…

I thought it would be fun to show y’all at least some of the chaos, what I can at least lol.

SO, I give you…

– Barefoot Bloopers –

Can anyone spot the BEE flying towards my face? Why me… Maddy’s eyes are closed and Colton looks great. Classic.

“What school are we doing?” “What is their hand sign?”

*When Colton says something that irritates you mid picture…*

And sometimes… they just flat out aren’t ready!

I don’t even have the words… LOL, I’m CRYING! Sometimes we don’t even know what happened…

Sometimes the sass gets to anothaaa level… *whoops, that’s my bad*

Photoshoots with more than two or three = madness.

A couple are good to go… and the others…. the others are being goofballs!

Sometimes just pure confusion…

Ah, closed eyes… my favorite!

“My corgi won’t cooperate…”

I wouldn’t change a thing about the photoshoots though, it makes it so much more fun when there is real laughter and h e l l o… it sometimes gives us better candids! Aside from the chaos; the stress of realizing what we forgot to do, forgot to grab before we left, or going through pictures trying to find one where everyone is cooperating… it’s a job that we love to do!

We l u v our Barefoot family – that includes our models – and I’m thankful for a job in a fun environment where it’s ok to have mistakes and it’s ok to have to redo things to make them better. Make sure that you check out our selection of college gear and campus apparel here at Barefoot Campus Outfitter!

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