Spring BROKE & Daylight Savings…

How did both of these things fall into the same week for us this year? Does it always and I’m just not thinking straight? I’ll tell you why I’m not thinking straight. It’s because this past week was exhausting! Spring break officially left me spring BROKE… and I even worked most of last week! The weekends caught up with me though, I had my fun! Spring break even left some of us physically b r o k e n… I know of a ski trip that left some with a few injuries, and I’m sure a few beach trips left some bumped and bruised. I do hope everyone had a fun, relaxing, freeing and safe spring break!

On another note… what does everyone think about Daylight Savings? I hear so much grief about it nowadays and I don’t ever remember hearing people complain growing up. Although, that might be because I was younger and didn’t feel the effects of the time change. I will say that springing forward and losing that hour really messes with your body clock and your energy. I was feeling real tired that Monday after and I swear I haven’t been able to shake it. The late nights on my spring break weekends probably weren’t helping that either, lol but still.

Even though I’m feeling tired, I definitely am not one to complain about daylight savings! Who doesn’t love the sun staying out later? That just means summer nights are coming! Then when it rolls back around in November I won’t be complaining because who doesn’t want to gain an hour of sleep? This girl sure doesn’t mind it. I don’t even mind the sun setting earlier at that point because I like when seasons change. I’m always ready for that fall feeling when we get to that point.

So, I’ll really never understand the ones that are saying “why daylight savings?” “what is the point?” Well, the point is to make better use of sunlight… do y’all like being able to stay out on the lake into the later hours of the evening in the middle of summer? Yeah, same. So, that’s why. I also don’t understand the ones that say let’s just do away with it… ok, so it’ll just be dark at the same time and early all year round. No thanks? Unless we just let it end after we’ve sprung forward so it gets dark later all the time… ORRR we can just quit trying to change every dang thing that has been working fine for us for the last however many years!

*shrugs shoulders*

What are your thoughts on Daylight Savings? Are you a hater? On board with it? Or just rolling through it like we have for our whole lives? … just like me, lol.

I’d love to see where you guys took your Barefoot college clothes from Barefoot Campus Outfitter for spring break! Make sure you tag us in your social media posts so we can see you rocking our designs! Who knows, you might even end up on our iNsTa!

SuN of a BeAcH… it’s back to school and work, we go!

Bye bye to vacay!

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