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10 Ways to Cope with the End of Spring Break

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I know, I know, spring break is over and it was such a tease for summer. But, we’re going to finish this semester strong together, and cope in the best ways possible. 1.) It’s finally B-E-A-UTIFUL weather in Huntsville and the duck pond is the perfect place to break out a blanket or hammock and […]

Spring Break Tips

I wish someone had told me all of these last year when I went on spring break, but unfortunately, they didn’t. So I’m sharing with you all the learned knowledge I gained (the hard way). A lot of these will have to deal with your phone because I lose it more than I lose my […]

Spring Break Must Haves

If you’ve lost track of time, like me, here’s a friendly reminder that spring break is in TWO WEEKS… Yes, in fourteen long days we have a week long break, where hopefully you’ll be burning your precious skin on a beach confused on exactly what day it is. If you’re going to the mountains or […]

How To Stay Safe (and out of trouble) This Spring Break

Tis the season of long road trips with too many passengers in the car, sleepless nights, sun up to sun down drinking & some of the wildest memories we’ll ever make in our college career. Before you take off on your wild journey, check out some of these tips to keep you safe & out […]