Spring Break Must Haves

If you’ve lost track of time, like me, here’s a friendly reminder that spring break is in TWO WEEKS… Yes, in fourteen long days we have a week long break, where hopefully you’ll be burning your precious skin on a beach confused on exactly what day it is. If you’re going to the mountains or something else unique, sorry boutcha but I’m a basic beach girl. Not to stress you out, but if you’re making online orders, you need to do that like yesterday. Spring break clothes are basically impossible to find in stores, at least in my town (all we have are belt buckles and turquoise jewelry kidding not kidding). So, you either make a hour trip to the mall or order online. I choose the latter, laying in bed eating Halo Top and getting those online shopping codes (use MADIGRAS17 on Barefoot Campus Outfitter’s website today and tomorrow for 20% off your entire purchase) is the synopsis of my life. I present to you, my spring break must-haves, where to get them, and the trends you’re going to see on the beach.


Don’t even act like this is a questionable item to have, they block the sun and hide the black smeared makeup under your eyes after you get pushed into a pool (win-win). Leave your Ray-Bans, Celine, Prada, or any other overpriced shades at home. Don’t even bring them because I promise you’re going to tell yourself you’re responsible and lose them in the first half hour of being on the beach, I swear. Instead, buy a few pairs of $10 sunglasses that if you lose, oh well. The biggest trend this year are mirrored shades, these also double as mirrors to check your reflection so can we just take a moment to rejoice? Here are a few of my favorites:

These are great Dior Dupes and also on sale sooooo go get them, now (see picture above)

Personally, cat eye glasses look horrible on my face, I always go with Aviators, so here are super cute ones (probably going to buy these for myself)

And if you just want to go for it and be a trendsetter, go the Vintage Ski Goggles vibe (it’s making a comeback)


This is pretty self-explanatory on why you need it for spring break, so I’m skipping that part and going straight into the fact that they are overpriced. I usually buy one overpriced one, and then just buy super cheap ones that will probably fall apart after a few wears but whatever. One-pieces are coming back this year and in full force, and I’m ecstatic. People are making statements with bold, graphic swimsuits and it makes me so happy. Side note: everyone’s go-to Victoria Secret discontinued swimsuits so you have to find a new fav, sorry

I usually buy mine from Forever 21, they’re cheap and pretty decent quality. Their one-pieces are on point this year! Check out this Beverly Hills Swimsuit and this Gold Foiled Hot Sauce one

Triangl bathing suits are still amazing, and honestly not that expensive for how good they fit and last, this Embroidered Bikini is trendy and so hot

Lastly, my favorite swimsuit ever… the Metallic Bikini from Billabong. This swimmy is everything I’ve ever dreamed of (see picture above)


I know it’s the beach, but let’s be half way modest when you’re walking along a street and going into Taco Bell. Coverups can be cute and are so functional. So buy one and like it.

This Tropical Floral Scarf Wrap is so cute and could be tied so many ways

I’m not sure your style, but this Mesh Dress could honestly be thrown over a swimsuit and be considered night wear

Bro tanks are always comfy and are great swimsuit cover-ups if you get a few sizes up, so grab this Wish You Were Beer Tank or rep your college with a Tie-Dye Rad About It Tank


You’re on a beach doing activities that I don’t even want to know, but please please please be smart! BRING WATER! The absolute worse thing you can do it get dehydrated, you are not invincible and the sun will do so much harm to your body. You can have cute, accessible ways to water. Don’t plan on just buying water bottles when you’re on the beach because they’re like $7, no joke. Just go ahead and invest and thank me later.

I have one of these and I’m in love! They’re so cute, and a lot cheaper than the brand Camelback. This Silver Holographic Hydration Pack is trendy, has three separate pockets to hold extra clothes/phones/money/keys and can carry a large amount of water. You wear it like a backpack and drink from its hose (put water in it, I do and I’m still kinda cool).

I really hope this helps, and if you order it soon I’m sure it will get in before you leave for the beach without paying for the dumb speedy delivery. Whatever you spring break plans is, please remember that it’s a break, and don’t make mistakes that are permanent… You have to come back to school a week later and get back to reality. So have fun, be safe, and tag us in all your Barefoot pictures with #shopbarefoot. Find me in Padre, beaches!!

XOXO, Sarah







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