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Spring Break Must Haves

If you’ve lost track of time, like me, here’s a friendly reminder that spring break is in TWO WEEKS… Yes, in fourteen long days we have a week long break, where hopefully you’ll be burning your precious skin on a beach confused on exactly what day it is. If you’re going to the mountains or […]

Boat Etiquette

Nothing says ‘Merica quite like a day on the lake. Nothing says commie quite like someone who lacks common boat etiquette. It’s common sense to most, but not all. Here are a few tips to keep you from being “that guy”… Bring ample amounts of food for a full day on the water. Bring extra to share […]

Best Summer Vacays

Well, the best time of year has finally arrived! Summer is here & in full force. Some individuals get to enjoy a few months of relaxation, some landed their dream internship and others are working full time. Regardless, everyone deserves a little getaway. Below are some of the best places to visit during the summer within the […]

Summer Vibes

We’re feelin’ the summer vibes–It’s time for warmer weather, tanks & all things pineapple. Lets not forget cold treats, bodies of water, the salty air & NO SCHOOL… Summer is a great time! We’re feeling inspired by shades of blue, everything fresh//fruity & palm leaves.  

How To Stay Safe (and out of trouble) This Spring Break

Tis the season of long road trips with too many passengers in the car, sleepless nights, sun up to sun down drinking & some of the wildest memories we’ll ever make in our college career. Before you take off on your wild journey, check out some of these tips to keep you safe & out […]