10 Ways to Cope with the End of Spring Break

I know, I know, spring break is over and it was such a tease for summer. But, we’re going to finish this semester strong together, and cope in the best ways possible.

1.) It’s finally B-E-A-UTIFUL weather in Huntsville and the duck pond is the perfect place to break out a blanket or hammock and relax!
2.) Midterms are over! So it’s back to normally scheduled class times and easy quizzes for at least 6 weeks!
3.) Graduation is in 56 days (PRAISE!)
4.) Back to regularly (CHEAP af) drinks at Shenanigans and The Fox on your fav bar nights!

5.) Sammypalooza is in a week! (HOLLLLLA!) you do not want to miss Eli Young Band and A$AP Ferg!

6.) Barefoot has SO MANY new arrivals that you may have missed on your trip that you NEEEED!

7.) Summer is literally right around the corner now!
8.) Humphreys happy hour is 11-7 and that is where you need to be between classes!
9.) Your parents may just slip you a few bucks now since you “won’t be spending it on alcohol” 😉
10.) The library (daiquiri stand) is OPEN and ready for everyone to be back!


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