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A Timeline Of A College Students Summer (as told by GIFs)

Summer is a whole lot different when you’re a college student. While they’re slightly longer than the break that grade school students get, college students actually have adult things to tend to. It has its ups and downs. People often get a class or two out of the way, which kind of sucks, but you […]

How to dress up a t-shirt

Today is all about a fashion trend for all my fellow, “Im lazy but still wanna look cute girls’. Welcome to 2017, where it is perfectly acceptable to pair a t-shirt with any and everyTHING to wear any and everyWHERE. Can I get a HALLELUJAH?! Here is some inspiration to dress up any t-shirt you […]

Turn up your Instagram heat this summer☀

        Summer is here! The 2017 translation of that is, selfie season has arrived! That being said, let’s talk about a few steps to transform your instagram from blah to BOMB this summer!       First impressions are everything! Create a fun, unique instagram name and bio to stand out and maybe […]

10 Ways to Cope with the End of Spring Break

BF Campus Outfitter - LIME-0

I know, I know, spring break is over and it was such a tease for summer. But, we’re going to finish this semester strong together, and cope in the best ways possible. 1.) It’s finally B-E-A-UTIFUL weather in Huntsville and the duck pond is the perfect place to break out a blanket or hammock and […]

Boat Etiquette

Nothing says ‘Merica quite like a day on the lake. Nothing says commie quite like someone who lacks common boat etiquette. It’s common sense to most, but not all. Here are a few tips to keep you from being “that guy”… Bring ample amounts of food for a full day on the water. Bring extra to share […]

Summer Sixteen Playlist

Summer Sixteen is here & I’m not just talking about Drake’s new song. Start the summer off accordingly with these new jams. From the seasons hottest singles to songs from rising artists, to remixes & a touch of electronic to a little bit of Texas country, this playlist has something for everyone! All songs can be found on Spotify so […]

Mix & Match Patterns

8 year old me would cringe at the thought of not matching everything from my hair tie color down to my socks. [& In case you were wondering, I would also make my mom or dad re-do my pony tail for soccer games at least three times until all of the bumps were out]. Please tell […]

Best Summer Vacays

Well, the best time of year has finally arrived! Summer is here & in full force. Some individuals get to enjoy a few months of relaxation, some landed their dream internship and others are working full time. Regardless, everyone deserves a little getaway. Below are some of the best places to visit during the summer within the […]

Summer Vibes

We’re feelin’ the summer vibes–It’s time for warmer weather, tanks & all things pineapple. Lets not forget cold treats, bodies of water, the salty air & NO SCHOOL… Summer is a great time! We’re feeling inspired by shades of blue, everything fresh//fruity & palm leaves.