How to dress up a t-shirt

Today is all about a fashion trend for all my fellow, “Im lazy but still wanna look cute girls’. Welcome to 2017, where it is perfectly acceptable to pair a t-shirt with any and everyTHING to wear any and everyWHERE. Can I get a HALLELUJAH?!

Here is some inspiration to dress up any t-shirt you want! (click the pictures for the link to the shirts!)

Click here for the shirt in the featured image!

A bralette, shades, and jewelry is always a reliable trio!

Bandana neck ties have made their big debut and they’re not going anywhere. They make me feel like John Wayne, I’m not letting this trend die out.

Whether you’re layering with plaid or tying it around your waist, you can’t loose.

Okay, if you say you don’t need this shirt, you’re lying. Boyfriend jeans and a “beer me” hat makes for the perfect outfit – even on the mondayest monday ever! (get the hat here)

-“OMG look at that adorable wittle baby!”


-“Over there on the leash! Isn’t he just the cutest?!”

If you can relate to this, this outfit was MADE for you!

Mood: Mauve.

Leopard print is back! Or did it even leave?! Either way I’ll take 20!

Texas girls are the best because we still manage to blow you away, even in 100 degree weather!

This cute and casual outfit is perfect for a day at the ball park! Did someone say hot dogs and margs?!

Dress it up, dress it down – either way dress Barefoot!


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