Spring Break Tips

I wish someone had told me all of these last year when I went on spring break, but unfortunately, they didn’t. So I’m sharing with you all the learned knowledge I gained (the hard way). A lot of these will have to deal with your phone because I lose it more than I lose my mind (too much).

1.) Your phone and money should be separate

I have a sticker wallet that holds all my cards and IDs, it’s really convenient having all my necessary things in the same place and only have one thing to worry about. But, then when your phone falls out of your pocket in the middle of a foam party and it’s actually impossible to find, you suddenly figure out how bad of an idea that was. So instead of losing everything I have to my name this year, I’m putting them in two separate places. My phone will be in my back pocket (obviously, so it’s in convenient selfie reach) and cash and my ID will be in my backpack safely tucked away. Also, notice how I say cash? Losing your card nine hours away from your bank would not be good on any level, I promise losing $20 is better.

2.) Backup your phone

So let’s hypothetically say you lose your phone, if you didn’t back it up before you left, good freaking luck. My phone hasn’t been backed up in ten weeks (I ignore the notification every single day) so if I lost it, I would lose soooo many contacts, pictures, and texts. Not about that. Just be proactive and back up your phone before you go.

3.) Act like a human

I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but our species has to have water and nutrients to stay alive, and healthy. I know, sometimes you forget to eat and drink water when you spend all day on the beach but don’t do that. Water (or Gatorade) shouldn’t have to be explained why it’s important to drink. But, if it does, your body is going to be dehydrated on the beach (extra if you’re drinking alchi) so it’s vital to replinish yourself with fluids. Not only will this make you feel better at the moment, you’re going to wake up a little bit better also. Whole wheat anything has complex carbs that absorb alcohol (if you’re not drinking, go for some type of jerky or granola bar).

4.) Phone background

I’m going to my notes and typing: “If found please please please return 🙂 I’ll give you money” with a list of names and number of my friends that they can get in touch with. Screenshotting and setting it as my lock screen. (If you can’t tell, I lose my phone A LOT) I’m not sure if this will work, but I mean if I found someone’s phone I would return it so it’s worth a try.

5.) Make a playlist

Check out my Spotify playlist SPRANG BREAK 2017 for the songs that get my hyped. I kind of have weird taste in music though, so I would just make your own. I use Spotify, but I’m sure you can make a playlist in Apple music, I’m also pretty sure there are some websites where you can also make them. But, I highly suggest it. Music is key to a successful spring break. Pro tip: mix new music, oldies, and all genres so you’re never bored with the same sound.

6.) Extra money

I’m not saying you should spend it, but it’s nice to have an extra $100 saved just in case you have an emergency (yes, Whataburger is an emergency).

7.) Don’t bring your keys

If you aren’t taking your car to spring break, why in the world would you bring your keys?? (actual problem I’ve had smh) If you are taking your car (make everyone pay for your gas) leave your keys in your room, in a drawer, and don’t touch them, ever.

8.) Buy the card the annoying dude is trying to sell

This is the one I’ve seen promoted this year!

Okay, so in South Padre they sell these cards for $80 and it gets you into events and clubs for free (I mean it’s $80 but saves you so much cash money). Last year I paid $40 for a bar cover 🙂 Don’t be like me.

9.) Share your location with your group

When you’re friend Chad from Sigma Apple Pi is missing the next morning, you can find him with your Find Your Friends app (at least the last place his phone was on at). Maybe he’s under his bed, or in jail, but hey, now you know. (Also, if your friend loses their phone, this helps)

10.) It’s spring BREAK

You have a week break from college, hallelujah. Spend it wisely. Stop having petty drama with that girl in your group that you really don’t care for, be nice to her and make the most of it. If you wake up Wednesday morning wanting to stay in bed, go jump in the pool, it’s only the second day. You are on spring break. It only comes once a year, and easily my favorite week. You may lose your phone, get sunburnt, and wake up with sand in your underwear every single morning, but be positive.

Have fun, be safe, eat and drink (water), make memories and tag Barefoot with #shopbarefoot!!!!!!!

XOXO, Sarah



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