Spring 2017 Trends

Spring is about to be here, and by here I mean like next week. March 20 is the official first day of spring and I can’t contain my excitement. This means pastels, rainy weather, and flowers (all perfect things). While this is great and dandy, a new spring means new trends that you need to jump on right now, otherwise, you’ll bandwagon later and that’s no bueno. Spring is important because usually trends will be carried into summer, and then fall, so if you go ahead and buy these styles you’ll be ahead of the game and look like a trendsetter. Last year at this time I was already wearing off the shoulder shirts and chokers, and then in three months they BLEW UP and you couldn’t make an outfit without one. I’m not saying I’m the most stylish person, but I do pay attention to runway fashion, which weirdly translates to street fashion and sets the standard, so I’m a tad bit educated on trends.

One Shoulder Shirts

I put a picture of one of these on my snapchat in NOVEMBER saying “2017 hottest trend” and guess what, they’re everywhere. I honestly don’t think these are super attractive but trends usually aren’t (in 10 years we will totally regret everything). Now, the great thing about this one though, is you can take last years trend (off the shoulder) and just put one sleeve up on your shoulder, and wow, now you have a one shoulder shirt. These are also super easy to style, seriously you can wear any bottom. Pro tip: put your cheek highlight on the ball of your exposed shoulder to make it pop out.

2000s Bracelets

Everyone knows, the early 2000s are back (thank goodness). You go in the accessory aisle of Forever 21 and it’s like Lisa Frank threw up glitter and fluff balls. My fav trend included in this bring back are the bracelets. When I was younger, my arms were covered in jelly, charms, and pony bead bracelets.  Wear these with casual outfits (t-shirts, plain tees, etc…) if you wear these with a formal dress, it’s just going to look cheesy and no one wants that. Pro tip: if you’re a flirt get number beads and make bracelets with your number on them to give to guys (swear I’ve never done this lollllll)

Bra Tops

Shirts are getting shorter and shorter and I’m not mad about it. Crop tops a few years ago were kind of scandalous, and now, they’re normal to see in a grocery store. This year, bra tops are making their appearance. Do it tastefully, and you can definitely rock it. Pro tip: wear these with a maxi skirt, or some bottoms that cover leg (your stomach and shoulders are exposed) if you want to be more conservative.

Tied Clothes

You have probably already seen the trend of tying up your t-shirt in a knot in the front (I do it all the time)  but believe it or not, it comes from the runway. On the runway, you see basically laces crossing over bodies tying some shirt, but you also see the scrunched look. But, for street style women are just tying their larger shirts to make a more fitting look, and I’m all about it. Over the past few years, all I’ve bought is size Large t-shirts, so now it’s nice to have the choice, no pants look, or tied up fit. Pro tip: this works best with shirts that aren’t so so baggy, otherwise the knot is huge and looks excessive.

Tye Die

Okay, I’m not 100% sure about this one, but it’s my guess. Neon is coming back in full force, and will more than likely have some tye die involved. This is extremely bright and slightly crazy, but no one really questions you if you wear it. There’s so many different styles and color, and can be muted down for more formal outfits. Tye die just adds fun to your life. Pro tip: Barefoot seriously has such cute tye die options, this cotton candy one, or this long sleeve one (actually wearing this right now).

Maybe following trends isn’t your thing, you like the classic look, or setting your new trends. Either way, I think it’s fun incorporating new styles into my pre-existing wardrobe and seeing if I can make it work. Whatever you do, fashion is your voice so use it well.

XOXO, Sarah






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