St. Patrick’s Day is the Best

It’s St. Patty’s Day muh dudes. Rather you’re at home chilling on the couch, or on a spring break trip (like me), you have no excuses to celebrate the greatest holiday Earth has ever seen. You may be asking yourself why it’s the best, and that’s because it’s my favorite, therefore making it the best. But, if you don’t believe me, the following reasons are why.

1.) Green Beer

Green beer is not only festive, it also turns your mouth green and there’s something so childlike and nostalgic about that, it earns my #1 spot.

2.) Kiss Me I’m Irish

I’m Irish, so this famous St. Patty’s Day saying actually applies to me. Although I doubt I ever actually use this as a pickup line, I can wear the attire which makes it worth it for me.

3.) BFCO Kiss Me You Fool

This shirt gives you no excuse to wear green. I mean it is the day of, so if you don’t have this shirt, good luck finding a St. Patty’s Day shirt as cute as this one.

4.) The Irish

I genuinely enjoy the Irish culture (I’m biased because I am Irish) but even if I wasn’t, they’re cool people. The Irish are known for drinking, celebrating, and having a wee bit of a temper, all things that make them super rad. What other ancestry has such cool traits, none.

5.) Attire

Today is the appropriate day to wear a green wig, red beard, green beads, and a temporary tattoo that say’s “I’m Irish” on your check (I might have just described my outfit right now). I’m not a big fan of green, it just doesn’t look great with my complexion (drama queen) so it’s nice to have one day a year to get all the green out of my system and not care how it looks.

6.) Luck of the Irish

I would say I’m a pretty lucky person (great test guesser) so I defiantly think this a solid reason on why St. Patty’s Day is the coolest.

7.) Currently, I’m about to head to the beach and celebrate this fine holiday, so wish me luck (I’m Irish so I don’t really need it) and talk to you in the next blog!

XOXO, Sarah





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