What Every Student Should Know About Shopping At Barefoot Campus Outfitters


Have you ever looked through old yearbooks & thought to yourself, ‘Wow, all these kids have the same clothing.’ Trust us when we tell you that here at Barefoot Campus Outfitters, we’ve done the same thing & thought, ‘Why?’

Yes, there’s something for uniformity & having everyone one the same page. There’s nothing like going to a college football game during a “_____ Out” game. But when you’re on campus or out & about, it gets a little boring. Plus, if you’re new on the campus, you tend to want to be unique & stand out at least a little, right? It all starts with the right college gear & that’s where Barefoot Campus Outfitters really shines.

What makes us different than just walking to the bookstore & buying a regular t-shirt? Consider the following:


Not Your Parents’ College Apparel Store

There was a time when the bookstore was the only place to get a t-shirt to show off school pride. After awhile, other online retailers starting coming onto the scene. Barefoot looked at all of this & said, “Hold my *adult beverage legally purchased by an of-age adult*!”


Deals, Sales, and Perks for Your Birthday, Shawty!

Getting cool college apparel into folks’ hands these days is costing a lot more money than it used to. What’s more, finding a bit of a financial break is like finding a unicorn. Here at Barefoot Campus Outfitters, we even give a discount on your birthday — 50%!!!


New Stuff All The Time

Available Barefoot Apparel changes quite often. It’s not that we don’t dig our designs, but why let things get stale? Change is good & we’ve got cool stuff in the works all the time.


All Phases of Life

Parents, grandparents, alumni, office work, game day, no matter the time of life or occasion, Barefoot’s got something for you to show school pride. That means that even after you graduate, you can still come back to our website or brick-and-mortar stores & find something cool.


Free Shipping Available

Seriously, who doesn’t like free stuff, right?


All Seasons Are Represented

Looking for hoodies, t-shirts, tanks, sweatshirts, and active wear? No matter the time of year, we got this.


Now, if that wasn’t enough, every student should know Barefoot Campus Outfitters is all about Customer Engagement. Whether it’s connecting with people online or making the in-person shopping experience unforgettable, we know it’s YOU that make us who we are & drive us to keep things fresh, exciting, new, and of the best quality possible.

Is Barefoot Campus Outfitters right for you? If you’ve got a pulse, then yes! See why folks have been raving about us for the last 20 years.