A Brief History of Barefoot Apparel

College Apparel at Barefoot campus Outffiter

Barefoot Apparel isn’t the clothing you wear when you’re sans shoes. It’s also not the clothing you’d see on a grizzly bear just ‘chillaxing’ (yeah, dad jokes…but please keep reading). Barefoot Apparel is all about taking the drab & fairly ‘meh’ college gear you’re used to seeing & putting a jalapeño in its tailpipe.

The folks at Barefoot Campus Outfitter all had their own experience wearing tired college t-shirts & hats. You know the look: grey with basic block letters on the front. Every once in a while, you might get a logo in the form of the college seal or athletic mascot. But for the most part, it was just as ‘meh’ as ‘meh’ gets.

There’s no denying the timelessness of the look. Like with most things, though, there comes a time when things need to change. College kids are unique individuals finding themselves as emerging adults. Many of them want their clothing to reflect these personal evolutions, and that even applies to their basic college apparel.

This is where Barefoot Campus Outfitter and the idea of “Barefoot Apparel” comes in. Why not take college gear & ZHUZH it up? With that simple take on college clothing, Barefoot Campus Outfitter changed the look of the school apparel landscape. Here’s a look at the not-so-brief history of Barefoot Apparel:



Fresh into a new millennium, it seemed everything was in for big changes. Barefoot started small but quickly grew

License Agreements

Undeterred by the “big guys” of college clothing, Barefoot went about seeking AND GETTING all-important license agreements with a number of schools around the country 

New Items All The Time

Resting on laurels is for one-time winners. Barefoot Campus Outfitter has plenty of homer-runs under its belt. But it doesn’t stop us from introducing new, exciting stuff on a regular basis

In-Store & Online EXPERIENCE

One thing Barefoot prides itself in is giving its customers the ULTIMATE shopping experience. New items, sales, discounts, and products they can’t find anywhere else

From Boomers to Gen Z…

No matter your age, there’s something for everyone. As more folks found the need to share their pride, Barefoot expanded their offerings. Now, your grandmother can rock school pride & put out swaggy Mee-Maw vibes!

Locations All Over the Country

An online presence is always THE way to stay modern. However, it was important to Barefoot to have brick-and-mortar locations unique to all the schools they serve


The big question is simple — is Barefoot Apparel really ALL THAT? In a word, yes. Traditional college gear still has its place & no one is knocking it. But change is good & with all the hip stuff Barefoot Campus Outfitter has to offer, you gotta ask yourself — are you ready for a good kind of change?

Now that you’ve got a handle on who Barefoot Apparel is, why not look around to see what we’re all about? There’s always something worth discovering with Barefoot Campus Outfitter.