Spring Break Do’s and Don’ts

You freaking made it. Midterms are over (for some of you), and grades will not define you… (for this next week.) Don’t stress though. It’s time to relax all cool and be able to say iiiiii’ve had the time of my life…. BECAUSE of these Spring Break 2019 tips but FIRST here are some of my personal fav BFOOT tees that would be so cute for this next week!

• Whether you’re going to the mountains, beach, or whatever your desired spring break destination is: rest up before the trip, rotate drivers, nap when you can on the drive. Make a fire Spotify playlist to share with the people you’re carpooling with and make the most out of these memories you’re making with your best friends on SB’19! 

• Don’t text, snap, tweet, Instagram, Facebook, or Tik Tok while driving. 

• I had a high school teacher who would dismiss us from class each day saying “Don’t drink & drive. Don’t ride with those who do. Don’t be a jelly.” There’s absolutely no reason for you to be behind the wheel after drinking. This puts yourself and others at risk! 

• Don’t overpack. PLAN your outfits. Label them. ESPECIALLY if you’re flying. That extra weight in your suitcase will cost ya…. literally. l o l 

• Use the buddy system. If you have a big group going on SB with you, you keep up with Kyle and Kyle will keep up with Sam and Sam can keep up with Austin and so on and so on. EASSYYY system to get going with your group! 

• So many do’s & don’ts with drinking……

• DON’T leave your drink unattended

• DO stay hydrated

• DON’T accept an open drink from a stranger

• DO pace yourself, its a marathon not a sprint

• I cannot stress this enough… WEAR SUNSCREEN. and NO you are never going to be tougher than the sun. 

ALWAYS carry cash on you, don’t depend heavily on your debit card on SB… after all, this is a crazy week where the likelyhood of you losing your cards/phone…. are v high. 

• Stick to a polaroid camera or just save your snapchats to your memories instead of posting a play by play of your entire Spring Break. You’ll thank me later.

• SnAcK iT uP! You’ll want to munch throughout the day when you get a little hungry or need to sober up a bit. 

• Don’t forget to ask for forgiveness…you’ll probably need it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Tag us in your Barefoot gear! You might get featured on our page :’)


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