Spring is Springin’

Daylight savings begins this weekend! Wuuuuut? I swear it was just November and I was excited to get a whole extra hour of sleep now we’re here? Weirddd. Luckily, for some of us, this falls on the weekend starting SB and we can just big chill and adjust at our pace. How did both of these things fall into the same week for us this year? I feel like this is DEFINITELY new… OH WELL. Don’t forget to wind your clocks forward!

What do you guys think about Daylight Savings? I’m kind of indifferent about it nowadays. BUT I will say that losing that hour really messes with your body clock and your energy.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I use to LOVE this time change because it meant we were just that much closer to softball season and my birthday (whoop!) and I mean who doesn’t love the sun staying out later? That just means summer nights are coming! (Praise da Lord.)

I am PUMPED for the weather coming up this week too. Do you guys have big Spring Break plans? I am SO upset because my favorite Barstool Sports podcaster is going to be in South Padre Island this weekend and I can’t go hangout and become her best friend. :/ I’ll survive I guess.

Wherever you’re spending your week off from class….. East Coast, West Coast, Mountains, Beach, Desert, your apartment pool, or making them money gains, you NEEEED these Barefoot tees *all the heart eyes*

Make sure you tag us in your social media posts so we can see you rocking our designs! Who knows, you might even end up on our iNsTa! I’d love to see where you guys took your Barefoot college clothes from Barefoot Campus Outfitter for spring break!


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