It’s Festival Season Boys and Girls

Read the title, now read it again. ARE YOU JUST AS EXCITED AS I AM?!?! Spring Semester can be a drag but guess what isn’t…. MUSIC FESTIVALS. The weather finally doesn’t completely stink, spring is springin’, and your ultimate hype playlist can finally be listened to in person. If you’re anything like me, you listen to music at any waking moment of your day so the festival season approaching is putting you at your upmost zen. Whether you’re into the Texas country scene, Rap, or even EDM, these next few months are about to be jam packed with road trips all throughout the state to see all your favorite artists! With that being said… your outfit. I know you want a killer outfit. I want you to have a killer outfit. So let’s get right to it: The key to a killer festival outfit is to:

  1. Be comfortable. There is nothing worse than standing around all day long while wearing too tall of wedges or skin tight shorts that you can barely take a breath in.
  2. EXPRESS YOURSELF. I like to think of any outing as a way of expressing yourself. Your style is who you are!

I handpicked a couple of my favorite Barefoot tees that I thought would be SO CUTE with these outfits I’ve attached below!

Don’t forget to tag @barefootcampusoutfitter in all your pic this #szn 😉


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