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It’s Festival Season Boys and Girls

Read the title, now read it again. ARE YOU JUST AS EXCITED AS I AM?!?! Spring Semester can be a drag but guess what isn’t…. MUSIC FESTIVALS. The weather finally doesn’t completely stink, spring is springin’, and your ultimate hype playlist can finally be listened to in person. If you’re anything like me, you listen […]

10 Facts About T-shirts That You Probably Didn’t Know

The T-shirt was named for its outline & the word first appeared in the dictionary in the 1920’s. The first promotional T-shirt ever printed was for “The Wizard of Oz” in 1939. James Dean & John Wayne popularized the T-shirt in the 1950’s because until them, T-shirts were considered an undergarment.  In the 60’s & […]

Blue Bonnets in Fredericksburg

       Its that time of year again here in Fredericksburg, Texas. It’s Blue Bonnet season!!! These gorgeous flowers are starting to make their appearance in good ole Fredericksburg. You can find them everywhere. From someones front yard to the local park where they have popped up making the place even more mystical. What is […]

Barefoot loves Baylor!

Barefoot Waco has now been open for 7 months, and the time has flown by quickly! Many great memories have already been made, and we are looking forward to many exciting events this spring! With help from the “Dream Team” and members in the Waco community, we were able to expand our store over Christmas Break. This […]

Barefoot Boone Basketball

Right now we are deep in our conference schedule for basketball.  The men’s team just came off of a 4 game winning streak this past week and looks to start another one this week while the women’s team has been holding strong in the middle of the standings.  Baseball and softball began practice about a month ago […]

Conway’s Big One Year!

Last month Barefoot Conway celebrated their Big One Year!  We made it through the first year of business and rocked out!  We celebrated with all our friends and local businesses. We had tons of gifts and giveaways for our biggest fans.  Some of the businesses that came out to celebrate with us were Pitza42, who […]

Barefoot @ University of Central Arkansas

  Family owned and operated Barefoot Campus Outfitters is a clothing store that has recently made its way to the Natural State. Conway, Arkansas is proud to be one of the first stores Barefoot has opened outside its home state of Texas. Located in the central part of the state, Conway is known as the […]