A Senior’s Last Semester…

This is for all my fellow May graduates… 

Let’s throwback to the fall semester when I was blogging about all of the good things to come this year, all the fun memories (like tailgates, homecoming, etc.) and I was being so nostalgic… fast forward to now and I truly don’t give a dang. We all know “senioritis” is a thing because we’ve heard our older friends talk about it and I guess to some degree, we probably experienced it somewhat as a high school senior. Let me tell ya and prepare you now, this thing is real and nothing hits you harder.

Is anyone else on this train? Ya feel me? I can barely make it up for class in the mornings, I have zero motivation to do any homework, I really don’t even care to be on campus anymore. All I want to do is sleep, go on trips, or have fun! It truly is not the mentality to have my last semester because grades are still important… especially when you’re trying to make it into grad school. Most people have a rather easy last semester, because most people are smart and save some electives to take and truly my classes aren’t hard at all… but the lack of motivation is what is making it so hard. Even my favorite campus t-shirt can’t bring me to my happy place.

SO, enough of the complaining… what are some ways that we can re-up our motivation?

  1. Get rid of toxic energy in your life… Wade Bowen says it best “those things that hold you down, cut em loose & fly”
  2. Actually make yourself get up in the morning. I’m talking early, earlier than when you have just enough time to roll out of bed and throw on a campus sweatshirt to head out to class.
  3. Sticking to your planner and schedule. Honestly, I don’t even remember the last time I looked at my planner? Maybe that would help, whoops.
  4. Actually looking at your time that you have left at your University, checking out local or campus events and really making the effort to enjoy this time with your friends.
  5. Planning how you’re going to decorate your grad cap (if you’re into that sort of thing) or planning out your graduation pictures! That is always exciting and what better way to keep you pushing towards graduation than that?!

So, really make the most out of the last few months! Our time is ticking, fast… and one day we will look back and wish that we could go back just for a moment in time!

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“Yeah it’s moments like this that make me wish, I could freeze frame time” – Brandon Rhyder 

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