Why The Little Things About Graduation Matter…

To my fellow May graduates…

I remember a few months ago, even a few weeks ago when it was exciting to think about taking grad pictures, getting your announcements out, the thought of graduation day, your after graduation plans… all of it. Now, here we are, 25 days out and where am I? Not giving a dang about any of that anymore. The pictures were stressful in the moment and the last thing I ended up having any time for, but I did it and now that I have all of them back, of course I’m glad that I did it. But now it’s the announcements, the invites, the party, the dinner… on top of everything that is due between now and then. Yes, for everyone who keeps asking… I am excited to graduate but no, the semester is not over. So, in this moment I’m in the stressed state trying to get everything done, passed, and checked off my list. There is a lot standing between today and May 11th.

In other words…

Dear mom and dad,

please stop asking me where’s dinner, what time, did I make reservations? How many announcements vs. how many invites, or what stinking colors I want my grad brunch to be.


your very overwhelmed college graduate.

ALRIGHT, now that I have the complainy, brat in me out and over with… of course, I absolutely appreciate my parents wanting to celebrate my accomplishment and giving me the opportunity to do so. I can’t be the only thought that just doesn’t care about the nitty gritty details right now, right? That’s my only point of view, lol there is a lot going on. So, for my peeps out there that knows exactly what I’m talking about and you’re at the point of just not caring about any of it besides walking across that stage…

*trust me, several times I’ve said no announcements or anything because I don’t want to deal with it*

You’re going to care once it’s all said and done. I just wanted to give a little insight and shed a little positivity on the whole situation.

Take a deep breath and relax. You’re gonna get everything done, well because you know you have to in order to graduate. Take just a few minutes out of your day to round up the answers for whatever your parents may be asking you in regards to graduation. Some of the stuff they can’t figure out on their own you know? This is an exciting time in your life, you’ve accomplished a lot and you should be proud of what you’ve worked so hard for. You deserve to be celebrated! So, with that being said… care about your graduation announcements.

Your loved ones want to celebrate with you. Everyone is so proud of you and all the time and effort you’ve put into your degree! College ain’t no easy cake walk, not for all of us. The ones that are not close to you because of distance or even friends/family that you’ve drifted from because let’s face it, life gets in the way… they will appreciate you sharing your big news and big day with them. Plus, your fam wants bragging rights. You know grandma is off somewhere telling someone that she has her grandson or granddaughter graduating college in a few weeks. She is THRIVIN.

Announcements make networking connections! You never know what family member or family friend will be reminded of a great opportunity for you because of your graduation announcement!

It’s a keepsake! Ok don’t act like no one keeps them, at least for a while… especially ones that are from like Shutterfly or something and has pictures of you. A majority of my friend’s have everyone’s announcements all over their fridge still… it’s just like engagement announcements or wedding invitations! Wow, you know you’re getting old when you’re putting things like that on your fridge. Lol!

Lastly, it’s a great way to say thank you. Admit it, college had some hard moments. Regardless of exactly what it may have been. The support from our family and friends helped us push through. I know there have been multiple times when I’ve picked up the phone just to call and vent to mom about the smallest of inconveniences and have called my cousins (who are also my best friends) to bawl over totally bombing that test or missing that assignment. We couldn’t have done it without our circle around us.

Send them to everyone who is important to you! Obviously, your parents and your immediate family. Your extended family will appreciate it as well! Your friends! – high school buds, college pals, and co-workers. Heck yeah, they wanna celebrate your day with you, I know mine sure do! Classmates you’ve made great connections with, teachers, and tutors. I know there are a couple professors that I have made great connections with over the years and I’m ever so thankful for them.

Here’s a tip and a personal opinion – if you take grad pictures… make sure you include them in your invites or on your announcements! It makes it more of a special keepsake! Use fun pictures that show your personality and a couple serious ones because, well… we are adults now! *insert shrugging shoulder emoji* L O L!

Remember to not get too lost in everything that is due in the next few weeks… our time is dwindling down! Take it all in, my friends.

Best of luck,

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