Festival Feels…

When April begins and the warm air hits your face, there is nothing else on our minds other than festival fun. Tis’ the season! There are many festivals, from small to big, all over… county festivals to music festivals of every genre. April hits here in Stephenville and anything that isn’t Larry Joe Taylor Fest related is pretty much out the window at this point. The countdown is ON and serious…

P.S. We are only 10 days out in case anyone was wondering

Does anyone else get overly excited about the food vendors? Besides the music (obvi), I truly look forward to my daily corn dog. Everyone who knows me understands that nothing comes between me and my corn dogs. No… not any other corn dog amounts to my LJT corndog. Whether it’s the fried gator, the chicken on a stick *ew, tried that last year with the buffalo ranch. I still gag thinking about it*, the wood fired pizza, or the life changing hamburgers and the spicy ranch… everyone get’s excited about festival food.

The only true music fest I have experience with is obviously, Larry Joe. Ain’t mad about it… but I know there are so many and hopefully you’ve been to one or some of them! I know there is SXSW (that’s passed already) and ACL (October) in Austin, which I’m still dying to attend both, and the obvious Coachella (started TODAY!) but you probably won’t catch me attending that one. That’s like expensive, right? L o l.

Even though some of us like to dress like we are at Coachella for LJT, lol but no judgement! Festival vibes just automatically = floral vibes, right?

AnYwHo, here is some festival inspo to get you excited for whichever one you might be attending! I’ll prevent it from being so YEE YEE considering LJT is full of denim cut off’s, bandanas, and a lot of patriotic pride…

Yas, plz. Idk how, idk where… but I want everything to do with this bandana top. Some high waisted shorts and some converse & you’re good to go!

Don’t forget to grab your favorite pair of FuN suNNies before you head out the door! It’s all about your headwear (bandanas, headbands, or florals) and the sunnies.

Space buns. A classic festival hair-do.

The simplicity in cut tees. Pro tip: of course we want to be festival cute, but don’t wear something you truly care about. Old tees to cut are the way to go!

Beer tees.

Desert vibe graphics.

Y’all already know we’ve got your festival looks covered here at Barefoot! Tons of tees, tanks, and crops to choose from!

My pro-tips to you…

1.) Don’t wear anything that you’d be crushed over if it were to be… ruined.

2.) Don’t take anything that you’d cry over if it were to be… lost.

3.) Write your ride home or your best friend’s number on your arm… it ain’t cute but I know it can be beneficial.

4.) STAY HYDRATED. Here is the granny in me. Water between beers, it’ll save a life.

5.) Don’t take your debit card or CC. Cash is faster, you’re consciously aware of how much you’re spending because you see the amount decreasing, and it’s not a situation if your debit card is MIA the next morning.

What festivals are you gearing up for?!

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