What I learned in the last few weeks of college…

This would’ve been great to grasp idk like, four years ago… but here I am.

I could sit here and go on and on about how stressed I am, how much there is to do between now and graduation and how I have no time to do anything, but I will spare you. That is what my friends and family are for, right? In the midst of all the chaos… I can only really blame myself. I procrastinate and I set myself up for too many things at once. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, senioritis got the best of me this semester! The last thing I have wanted to do was any school work. I’d rather be at Fuzzy’s, back home in Fort Worth every weekend with my friends, out on a ranch somewhere, or let’s be honest… napping. So, maybe the priorities were a little wonky this semester but I’m not the only one right? Lol, senior year – last semester is meant for cruising.

“You cannot get D’s and F’s. That’s not cruising, that’s failing…” – Jim and Kathy Conrad

*If y’all did not just get my Laguna Beach reference you’re either too young or just don’t know it and either way I’m cryin real tears*

April is beyond a struggle. Everything comes crashing down on you at once, you have spring fever regardless if you’re a senior or not, counting down the days til summer and you have a few short weeks to get your grades up. NOW it’s May and for some of us finals began today, and for others, they begin next week. Instead of break downs (which are totally ok and sometimes necessary), sleeping to avoid the stress and responsibility, or unleashing your stress anger on someone… try these quick tips to stay calm, focused, and cruisin…


Yes, I just said instead of sleeping your stress and responsibilities away… but we all need to sleep. Let’s face it, some of us might even be pulling late nights or all nighters at this point. Take 30 minutes to an hour out of your day to try and nap, at least lay down on the couch or rest in your bed… just collect your thoughts, not think or stress for a while, and relax. They say 30 minutes is the perfect power nap to keep you going and refreshed, rather than being groggy when you wake back up. Seriously, try to get your 8 hours… especially now during finals. Sleep is SO important, you can’t study without it. I’m the all nighter queen but I hate it.

Put your phone away

Hard. So hard. I’m the person who gets 3 sentences into a paper and feels the need to see if anything has changed on Instagram or if someone responded to my text… 30 minutes later I’m back on track. So try to start putting it in your backpack if you’re at the library, turn it off if you’re studying at home. Tell yourself that every hour you can get a 10 minute phone break. Honestly, that works wonders at work and while studying. We can’t stare at our computer screens or books for hours, that’s actually really bad for your eyesight. *eyesight tip- every twenty minutes or so, look off from your computer. Even if it’s just up at the ceiling or out the window for a few seconds or a minute*


Your momma and yo daddy are always gonna be there to motivate you. Mine are but sometimes I’m not in the mood to hear it from them because sometimes I take it as nagging, but you’ve got your friends and your significant other! I sometimes just have to pick up the phone and call my cousins, who are also my best friends, just to hear them say “dude, you’re fine. You’ve got this, just get it done!” It honestly helps!

Stay moving

I get super distracted very easily and antsy… especially if I’m reading a chapter or notes. If I’m typing or on the computer it’s a little better, but if you need to keep yourself moving to keep from being distracted, get after it! Click your pen, shake your leg, I personally bounce and rock in my office chair, lol… have something like a ball or some sort of stress relief tool to fidget with in your hands while you’re reading notes or something. There is tons of stuff out there!

Start saying NO

It gets beyond hard when finals come about and you have some friends who only have online finals (easy peasy) or friends who finish up the semester first… and they are all going out at night or having pool days without ya already! SAY NO. Yes, take breaks from studying. Go visit with one of your pals at their house for a little bit, go grab a quick bite… but do not, I repeat, do not tell yourself you can take a quick study break by running up to the bar to watch a local pickin on his guitar with your friends. Stay grinding’, you’re almost done and then you have all summer!

Turn on some music…

I can’t study without some sort of background noise… whether it’s the tv or music. If I’m at home, I have to have the tv on, I’m wiggin’ out without it. In the library, if I don’t have a friend with me… I have to have music to zone out on with. Turn it down low and get to studying! Which brings me to my next point…


Sometimes you need someone to make you stay on track and the other times, you need each other to relieve the stress with a good quick chat or a good laugh.

Read it. Write it. Say it.

I will never understand my friends who could just look over there notes over and over… no! I gotta read it, re-write it all, and then say it out loud! It SO helps, I promise. You retain it better and memorize more when you’re writing it or saying it! That’s also why it’s a good study tip to “be the teacher”!

I hope everyone is breathing, making it, and surviving finals week or beginning to study for finals! I have 2 more left… but I’m over my hump. My harder days are over! Good luck on all your finals! Remember.. YOU’VE GOT THIS!


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