Hey, it’s me again. We’re ONE week out from the wildest holiday of the year! AYYOO. However, it’s week 9 of school and if your semester has been anything like mine, you’re JUST now catching a break from midterms and Homecoming (my liver and I are v grateful that ones over.) I def have been brainstorming about what to dress up as since what… early July? BUT now its crunch time. Here’s some costume inspo for all your Halloween needs this spooky season.

bc.. Post Malone. C’mon Y’all knew this would be on here.
HOW CuTE is their headwear?! Super cute and easy outfit to put together
it’s boxing szn boiii. You could prob borrow a set of gloves from a guy and well… you definitely have the other pieces to this outfit in your room.
Who doesn’t aspire to be Rachel Green?
Ariana Grande. Because… well it’s Ariana Grande. also bc we have the same initials.
Kylie Jenner and Stormi. Grab a camo jacket, thigh highs and a baby doll and call it a day!
R I V E R D A L E is hot right now and so is this costume
Classic. Angel vs Devil. Which will you be?
Camo is back and I’m looooving it.
Legendary. Super simple too




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