25 Low Cost Things To Do This Weekend

You grind all week in the lib and when it comes time for the weekend and there isn’t a home game scheduled… whataya do?  Every so often I’ll have a day where I’m at a loss of what to do with my free time. Contrary to what most people think, social media can get old.. make something out of your day – be present! Instead of picking up your phone & scrolling through every form of social media for hours, try this list of low-no cost activities!

1. Try a new restaurant

2. Go to brunch on Sunday

3. Do a wine/brewery tour

4. Play a round of golf

5. Find a new recipe to make for dinner one night

6. Go to your local farmers market

7. Visit a park nearby

8. Have an impromptu photoshoot

9. Visit your nearest museum

10. Indulge in a long bath

11. Share a good coffee or make cocktails with friends

12. Pack a picnic & go somewhere new

13. Camp in your backyard

14. Rearrange a room

15. Organize your closet

16. Go on a bike ride

17. Star gaze outside of town

18. Sit on the porch & take in your surroundings

19. Play an old favorite board/card game

20. Build a fire (s’mores too duh)

21. Go for a walk

22. Visit friends you haven’t seen in a while

23. Watch the sun set

24. Make cookies

25. Create a new Spotify Playlist


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