Family Matters

When we have each other, we have everything.

You learn a lot about yourself in your 20’s. The biggest thing I’ve realized for myself is that, family matters. It’s all on you who you call family. But family matters. Whether that be your blood relatives, 2nd cousins, or friends that became family. That’s who I’ve learned not to take for granted. Growing up is realizing it’s not about the holiday gifts you receive, but about the holiday company you’re receiving.

Looking back now, I was a B R A T in high school. I definitely wish I could go back and love on my mom and dad more than I did. I wish I could go back and thank them for the things I didn’t appreciate at the time. Like the countless hours they spent on the road for the sports I was involved with year round. Honestly, my parents are r o c k s t a r s. I might have not thanked them then, but I sure do show them my gratitude and love anytime I can now.

Then theres your siblings. I am SO glad I’m so close knit with my siblings. Being the youngest of 4 is all of the fun. Having a sister and two brothers, I knew what NOT to do when it came to living under my parents roof growing up. My sister is in the DFW area, happily married and has her first child. (Sophia takes over my snap and insta stories, peep my insta highlight of strictly her.) My oldest brother is living his best life in ColoRADo, at his upmost bliss living in the mountains, and constantly traveling to help with at risk youth in different parts of the country and soon, different parts of the world! My 2nd oldest brother is also living his life in Austin! Does anyone else have that weird relationship with one their siblings where you know y’all love each other but it just goes unspoken..? (Yes Alex… I’m talking about you.) Have I mentioned all three of my siblings are Tarleton State alumni? We kinda bleed purple. lol. However, now that we’re all older and not bitter about who ate the last bit of cereal that was left. We each have such a unique relationship with each other. Let’s not forget to mention how different each and every one of us compared to one another. I honestly think that’s the most fun part about our family get-togethers. We each learn so much about our different outlooks on life and if y’all haven’t realized this about me already, I’m all about growth. l o l. It’s a special thing whenever you make sit down with your family members to learn from each other.

Let’s not forget about the friends that have turned into family. I can definitely say I’ve made my REAL friendships in college. These are the people you actually make genuine connections with, not just because you had to see them 5 days a week in grade school. These are your go-to’s when you’re missing home. When you have those mid semester breakdowns that only cuddles in bed while watching vine threads will put you at ease. These people are family too. These are the crazy aunts and uncles my kids are going to look forward to seeing when we have our NFL Sunday watch parties.


gtg, emotional now.



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