One of the Guys

Its no secret I’m most definitely a girly gal with a TON of girlfriends. And having your girls is everything it’s made out to be don’t get me wrong, but its just so much different with your group of guy friends. You just get this warm feeling about carrying these platonic relationships with your group of college guy friends throughout the years. These guys are my strongest supporters, the first to stand up for me if anyone does me wrong, and the best secret keepers. Contrary to what most people think, a guy and a girl can be friends WITHOUT being a thing. Its a hard pill for some to swallow BUT these friendships I’ve made are one of the greater aspects I’ve taken away from college, no doubt. So here’s a small thank you to you guys, you know who you are.

Thank you for endless laughter. Whether its from an obnoxious joke, or just trying to cheer me up,  Y’all always know the right thing to say to put a smile right back on my face.

Thank you for the great taste in music, Making Spotify playlists all summer with y’all was always a competition of who put the best hidden gem or banger on the collab playlist, hahaha.

Thank you for being there at all hours of the day. Literally. I seriously bother you guys when the slightest inconvenience that happens to me, which is quite a few times throughout the day. l o l

Thank you for adventures. We’ve traveled to quite a few places together. From the mountains to the beach, thnx 4 the mmrs.

Thank you for encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone. I’ve had to make a lot of big girl decisions this last year, if it weren’t for y’alls guidance and support, I def wouldn’t be where I am today.

Thanks for being an over-around great human. Your generosity is inspiring. You take the word kind to a whole new level.

Thanks for the hype. WOW do y’all hype me up with what I do here for Barefoot, and always being a walking advertisement for this company, #shopbarefoot 😉

Thank you for supporting me. Thanks always encouraging me to follow my dreams and to aim high. Nothing seems unreachable when I’m talking about it with y’all.

Thanks for being my best friends, nerds.


Love you all.



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