Happy Holla Dayz

Hey, it’s me again. We thought November was crazy, L O L. December is JAM packed with final exams, company Christmas parties, Friendmas, Christmas, New Years, and everything in between. WHEWWW. No need to overwhelm yourself though, take in all the craziness of the holiday season. I came across this quote the other day that said,”The spirit of Christmas is the spirit of love and generosity and of goodness. It illuminates the picture window of the soul, and we look out upon the world’s busy life and become more interested in people and in things. ” Show gratituity for the craziness in your life. Final exams are stressful, but here you are furthering your education. Work can be chaotic, here you are celebrating a successful year of work with your colleagues at the company Christmas party. Friendsmas is approaching and you still haven’t figured out the perfect gifts to give to your second family, but look! how LUCKY you are to have a college family you couldn’t possibly live a day without. There’s so much good in world and so many special moments to share this holiday season. Let’s get right to it, with every special moment is a special outfit to go right along with it. 😉 There’s just something special about planning and perfecting your holiday outfits. No matter where you’re celebrating the holiday season this year, Here’s a couple of my favorite looks for this holiday season!



whoever told you turtlenecks are out, is v wrong.
these skirts are the perfect staple piece to any sweater and bootie combo!
stay cozy with this oversize look!
let’s NEVER let thigh highs go out of style
skirts and t-shirts are the PERFECT combo for your casual cute look anywhere this holiday season!

GUYS: pair up this look by also reppin’ your school with the quarter zip down below

simple tee with a button up is a simple go to!


brb gotta go shopping now.



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