Be a Stylin’ & Stuffed Turkey This Thanksgiving…

Who else has a difficult time getting dressed on Thanksgiving morning besides me? Don’t even lie! Y’all know you just want to reach for the stretchy pants because you know that you’re going to be hurtin’ later on in the day after all the turkey & pie. Unfortunately, our stretchy pants aren’t always acceptable for holiday lunches or dinners. Thankfully, my family isn’t about being fancy or even worried about looking too cute because most of the time we are headed out into the woods for an evening hunt after Thanksgiving. My favorite college t-shirt and campus apparel are always the perfect comfy clothes to spend the holidays in… BUT, I decided I would give a few nicer outfit ideas for your turkey day!

When you wanna look fancy but still hide your stuffed turkey…

  • You can’t go wrong with a sweater dress or a long sleeve t-shirt dress and a sweater over it. It’s festive, it’s cute, it’s fall-ish and it’s comfy… it leaves plenty of room for you to fill up without being in anything constricting. Y’all don’t even act like I’m crazy, you know you think about it.

The one option that will never fail you… g r a p h i c t e e s

  • Do y’all hate that I am always suggesting graphic tees? Why not though… you can literally dress them up or down. Throw on something over them or tie a plaid around your waist, skinnies and booties… and run for the Thanksgiving goodies.

Extreme Comfort…

  • Honestly, you can make anything cute these days. Well, to an extent I should say, l o l. But going for that extremely comfy look turns out pretty cute 90% of the time. I love throwing on a beanie, it makes everything fall-ish or wintery and it’s cozy… plus you don’t have to do your hair *S C O R E*

I can promise you that y’all can find me in a graphic tee with something cute around it come Thanksgiving day… hey, no judgement zone, I need room to stuff myself! I’m a college student… I gotta take advantage of all the goods while I can!

Shop the links attached to get yourself some cute Barefoot apparel for your holiday!

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