Have a Holly Jolly Christmas…

It’s the best time of the year!

HAPPY DECEMBER! For those of you who have been boycotting Christmas… you may now jump on the spirit train!

*cue Mariah Carey*

Here at Barefoot Campus Outfitter, we’re finding ourselves neck deep in Christmas prep! Do you have any Christmas traditions that get you into the holiday spirit?! I wouldn’t say that we really have any traditions in my family! Besides just decorating the tree and playing Christmas music and making sure we make time to snag some Starbucks and head out to look at Christmas lights! I thought I would jot down a little list of my favorite Christmas songs and movies that are sure to get you in the Christmas mood! After all, what gets you excited about Christmas gift shop and what do you do while you’re wrapping gifts?!

I always watch Christmas movies while wrapping my Christmas gifts!

The Grinch (either version)

Both the original adaptation of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and the newer one—by newer we mean 17 years old… yikes!—are perfect stories to get us in the holiday spirit. Nothing warms the heart more than seeing the Grinch’s own heart that’s “three sizes too small” swelling up after meeting loyal friends and revealing the true meaning of Christmas. I mean, really, it’s a tearjerker! All of us over at our college apparel shop can’t help ourselves from sniffling over this timely Christmas story. We highly recommend that you watch at least one version this year!

Home Alone 1 and 2

Two seasoned thieves versus a child who is left to his own wits; what can go wrong? This hilarious and heartwarming story trimmed with holiday tones makes for the perfect relaxing movie. It makes you laugh, cry, cringe, and smile throughout the entire film. Both the original and the sequel are great, surprisingly. The original takes place in a suburb of Chicago and the second takes place in New York, New York; what’s more Christmas than the Big Apple?

The Polar Express

Hot chocolate? You better have it. “The Polar Express” is another classic that can get just about anybody into the holiday spirit. The best way to watch this holiday flick is if you’re in your coziest pajamas and sipping on the most chocolatey hot chocolate. Seriously, if all of the characters are doing it, then so should you! To make it even merrier, try out our new Christmas long sleeve college t-shirt that’s cute and comfy. Polar Express approved? You bet!


Seriously, does it get any better than “Elf”? We thought not. This movie makes you cry throughout the entire thing. You’re crying tears of laughter and tears of joy! Will Ferrell, you’ve done it again! Seriously, is it even the holidays if you’re not rooting for Buddy the Elf? Probably not, so you best make sure to put this classic on the screen this season!

ALL of The Santa Clause Movies… 1, 2, and 3.

Anyone else waiting for the 4th or is it just me?! The 3rd wasn’t as good as the first and second one BUT you can’t go throughout the month without throwing that one into the movie mix too. Tim Allen is the man and will forever be known as Santa. These are personally my favorite movies. I absolutely love this heartwarming movie series. I laugh every single time I watch it and the first movie is as old as I am… meaning it’s a classic and will never get old. Way to go, Tim!

This Christmas

If you’re looking for a holiday comedy, you definitely have it right here. This move is heartwarming but oh so funny. A lot of adult humor but it’s a great movie. It’s one of mine and my mom’s absolute favorites! We watch this together every year!


Christmas music gets hard because everyone has different taste in music and every artist has recorded every Christmas song so there are about a million different versions of each one. Either way, here are a few my favorites! Listen to whichever version YOU love most to bring out your Christmas Cheer!

I’m going to go ahead and do it… for anyone who knows me, knows that *NSYNC is always #1, SoOoOo…

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

*NSYNC and their whole Christmas album is pure gold. G O L D. Dive back into a 90’s boy band Christmas. You won’t regret this one!

All I want for Christmas…

December 1st and every girl is blaring Mariah Carey every chance they get. In the car, in the office, while decorating the house…

Santa Baby…

I personally like Kellie Pickler’s little sassy version!

Christmas Cookies…

George Strait! This song kind of makes me giggle for some reason, l o l… but it’s one of my favorite Christmas songs!

This Christmas…

Chris Brown k i l l s this song. I love this song so much and this movie!


OK, I have never jumped on the Bieber train like all of your sisters have. He just hasn’t ever been my thing… but when the holidays roll around, best believe that Mistletoe is blaring through the speakers in my car and in my house. Shout out to freshman year of college & my girlfriends back then for constantly playing this on repeat around Christmas time that year.

Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

Do I have to pick just one Michael Buble Christmas song?? Because the whole album is an every year jam playlist on constant repeat… how does he not get you in the mood? I’ll answer that, he DOES. So, don’t miss out listening to all of his cheery songs this month.

So those are my favorite movies and songs that always get me in the Christmas mood… but let’s be honest, I don’t ever need the help. Y’all know from a few blogs back that I’m all on the Christmas train before Thanksgiving even rolls around!

What are your favorite Christmas traditions and movies?

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