Some College Advice for All Students

Follow your heart this semester

It’s time for the new semester! You’ve probably already moved into your new dorm or back into your apartment and are likely starting to settle into your classes and get back in the swing of things. College is an exciting time. Whether you’re a brand new freshman trying to navigate this new environment or a senior dreading the sadness of graduation, you’re sure to have a new and exciting experience as the semester rolls on. Unfortunately, while it might only be early autumn, these days are nonetheless going to fly by and it will be summer again before you blink an eye.

Between class, extracurriculars, and your social life, it’s often difficult to step back and actually enjoy the ride. Today, Barefoot Campus Outfitter is going to give you some of our best advice on how to handle this year and how to make the most of it. Use this advice to really take advantage of these very special moments.

Get Rid of the Negatives

Negatives, in this sense, include negative habits, people, and whatever else draws you away from your best self. For example, if you’ve been hanging out with a crew who brings you down, maybe it’s time to find some new people who can make you shine and feel great. Additionally, we’re always surrounded by negative experiences, but it’s your choice to either roll with it, or make a change. Perhaps you’re in a program that makes you miserable, or you’re unhappy with your health. Whatever it is, you do have the power to make changes in a way that’s only going to better you. So, why wait?

Try a New Thing or Two

A good portion of students, after graduation, either move back home or move somewhere else. With this thought in mind, you only have four years to take in as much of your campus and the surrounding area as possible. Take advantage of this. Most students are pretty tight on cash, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be tight on adventuring. Visit local parks and botanical gardens and stay in tune with your school’s activities board, as they’ll usually host free events that give you a chance to explore without having to spend a ton. Our college apparel company can’t stress this piece of advice enough.

Don’t Sacrifice Your Sanity for Anything

Succeeding in college requires hard work, that’s a fact. The ability to work hard is a great thing to possess, as long as you don’t push yourself beyond your limits. Overworking yourself isn’t glamorous and it could really take a toll on your mental health. Learn how to pace yourself. When studying for exams, don’t spend 24 hours in the library, fueling your body only with fast food and energy drinks. Sleep! This advice also extends to athletics and even your social life. Balance is key, and don’t force yourself to do anything you aren’t comfortable with!

Don’t Hold Back

Barefoot Campus Outfitter will always promote adventure, as long as it’s safe and legal. Plan road trips, go to concerts, learn new things, and don’t be hesitant to skip a class or two for the sake of a worthwhile experience. Never again will you be in college again post-graduation, so before you have to worry about bills and careers, take the time to just have fun. When you’re done with college, there’s a good chance that you might not see your friends again for quite some time depending on where you move to. Pack your bags, especially with some college apparel to show off your school pride, and make the most of your undergrad days. You won’t regret it.

Happy college, everyone! Enjoy these years and be sure to check out our college gear from Barefoot Campus Outfitter in the meantime! See you next time!


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