What We Love About Fall Fashion

How to get your style ready for autumn!

Stylish ladies, this one’s for you. What’s chilly, smells like pumpkin, and feels like heaven? Fall, obviously! While we love summer more than anything, autumn is a happy medium of not too hot and not too cold that we can get behind. What’s even better about fall is that it allows us the ability to transition into the warmest of clothing. Between cozy sweaters, boots with leggings, and scarves, fall fashion goes unmatched, and Barefoot Campus Outfitter seriously can’t wait. In celebration of this incredible season coming just around the corner, our online college apparel store thought we’d celebrate with some useful information on how to style your favorite college t-shirt, a-la autumn! Sit back, relax, grab some hot chocolate, and start planning your fall outfit.

Utility jacket + light wash distressed jeans + tennis shoes

This is one of our favorites. The dark green in the jacket paired with the light wash jeans makes for a softer, California-grunge look. We also love the look paired with some tennis shoes, whether they be your favorite Adidas, Vans, Converse, or something of the like. Our college t-shirts come in a variety of designs, but we recommend you pair one with more neutral, faded colors for this look. This outfit is absolutely perfect for chilly sports games and casual nights out with friends.

Flannel + charcoal ripped jeans + combat boots

Take the California grunge look and darken it. This 90s inspired outfit incorporates darker hues to create a harder, but nonetheless cute look. The colder temperatures welcome these darker clothes, and we love wearing them. If you want to go all out, do your hair in funky space buns or part it down the middle and straighten it. Barefoot Campus Outfitter recommends pairing this outfit with a darker college shirt or one that has a grungier feel. We’re sure you’ll find something perfect.

Bulky cardigan + deep blue jeans + brown boots

Hey, it is autumn after all. That means that it’s finally cool enough to wear that bulky sweater that feels like a blanket. Start this outfit with your favorite bulky cardigan and combine it with a pair of those deep blue jeans that you just can’t get enough of. Finish the outfit off with a pair of brown knee-high or over-the-knee boots to show off your preppy side. Barefoot Campus Outfitter recommends a college shirt with more neutral shades, like cream or eggshell. Not only is this outfit cute and fall-approved, but it’s also incredibly comfortable.

Circle skirt + chambray shirt + over the knee boots

Keep it cute and classy with this outfit that features a circle skirt and some over the knee boots, two things that could only be paired together when the temperatures start to dip. We like this outfit because not only is it super flattering, but it’s also super comfortable. Complete the look with one of our college shirts tucked into the front and topped with a chambray shirt. This outfit is just dressy enough for a dinner date and just lax enough to sit at an autumn football game.

Leggings + baseball cap + long sleeved t-shirt + trainers

You didn’t think we’d forget about the most notorious autumn outfit of them all? While this one isn’t something you’d wear to a dressier occasion, it’s the positive go to for class days and Sunday brunch. Pair your favorite comfy leggings with your trainers and a baseball cap for a cool and casual aesthetic. Oh, and don’t forget your long-sleeved college t-shirt!

Happy fall to all of our super stylish college ladies and we hope that you feel just as excited as us about how close the best season ever is. See you soon and be sure to shop our college apparel at Barefoot Campus Outfitter today!

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