It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

The best time of the year is here again… football season. Also known as {tailgate szn} according to every college girl’s Instagram captions that flooded your feed on the first home game day. As a super senior, I am definitely having a bit of nostalgia over the last five years… So, while experiencing my last few games and tailgates as an undergrad, I came up with ways to ensure your tailgates will forever be memorable!


  1. Start your day with your girlypops & pals EARLY! Because what’s game day without the sound of the pop of champagne for mimosas?!
  2. Dress cute… be spirited… but dress comfortably. There’s been one too many times that I have dressed too fall-ish cute for the Tx heat! It’s hard to have fun when you’re miserably hot or uncomfortable.
  3. Mingle throughout the tailgate! Make the effort to catch all of your pals & idk, maybe throw back a jello shot {or two} with them! PLUS… FREE FOODEVERYWHERE.
  4. ^^ OK… I can’t forget the yummy food snag opportunities! Trust me, your stomach and you will thank me later. Fill up your bellies, soak up some of the alcohol and have the opportunity to meet new people. Food is the best conversation starter and you may make new friends out of it! WIN, WIN!
  5. Interact with your school’s spirit organizations and traditions… Here at Tarleton, what’s a tailgate without the Purple Poo?! 
  6. PICS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN… Us girls are usually pretty good at taking pictures, but you seriously can never have too many. Guys and girlies, make sure you make the effort to document these memories you’re making. Even the really funny, bad pictures that you want to delete, just keep them because I promise a few years from now you’ll appreciate looking back and laughing.


  1. Be THAT GUY or THAT GIRL… Moderation is key, my friends. We all know that everyone drinks at tailgates, but make sure you’re enjoying your time. Don’t be on the laughing end of the camera! L O L, but really… you’ve got all night. Throw ’em back, but keep yourself hydrated too. Here comes the old person inside my 23I-year-old body… drink a water between a few beers!
  2. On that note, don’t miss all the games! We know that tailgates are the best part, but the games are fun memories to make too.
  3. Don’t take your pets if you don’t want the responsibility, people. I love my fur-baby and I want to show her off in her TSU gear too… but, I know that most of the time I won’t want to have to be constantly worrying about her or having to tote her around all day. So, if it’s too warm outside (remember the ground can burn their little paws) or you plan on having a real good time… your babies will be happier at home with their toys!
  4. Don’t wear heels, ladies… not if you can’t hang. A.) You’re standing for a majority of the day. B.) Your heels won’t be so supportive after a few drinks… C.) No one wants to see you trying to tromp around while looking like a newborn horse… or barefoot. Don’t put yourself in a situation that you’ll end up barefoot.
  5. Don’t forget to charge your phone before you leave the house you’re at before you head to the stadium! Try to keep a charger handy… after so many pictures and Snapchats, your phone will be low on go-go juice!
  6. And last but not least, DON’T let these moments pass you by. Enjoy this time in your life… whatever age you are, whatever classification you are. Appreciate this while you’re in the moment. This will all be gone before you know it!

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Mackensie Ferris 

Barefoot Campus Outfitters ~ Social Media Specialist 


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