A Guide to Styling Your Baseball Caps

A Guide to Wearing a Baseball Cap for the Ladies with Locks

Baseball caps are in and they’re the perfect look to top of your game day jersey, dress down an outfit, or simply hold down that crazy hair! Regardless of your style or personality, a baseball cap is versatile enough for any lady. However, for those with the long locks, wearing a baseball cap might feel like a hinderance. Not only is hat hair an issue, but does the possibility of wearing a hat without playing down those great strands even exist? Why, of course! In fact, a baseball cap can accentuate your hair and make you look super chic while also protecting those eyes from the sun. Here are some great baseball cap looks:

Braids, Braids, Braids!

You’ve got the locks perfect for styling some Khaleesi-esque braids. And, a baseball cap can turn those braids from ordinary to sporty and cool. “Braid” is a blanket term for a group of hairstyles that can go any which way. We have two favorite baseball cap and braid looks:

The first is two french braids on either side of the head. Instead of braiding all the way through to the ends, stop just a few spots after the braid hits the nape of the head, leaving a few inches of free hair stemming from the tied spot. Curl this free hair for a cute, controlled, feminine look.

The second look is more of the wild variety. Start by sectioning the hair into two parts. Pump some texture spray into your locks and tease slightly with a comb. Follow by loosely braiding each side, tugging at the sections to accentuate the texture. Finish by pulling out a few strands from the front of your face and spraying it with some hair spray before putting on your cap.

Both of these braid looks are both cool and casual and will look perfect paired with some of our custom college apparel and t-shirts!

The Power of the Pony: Side Edition

We all know the baseball cap + ponytail look all too well. Time for a bit of a mixup, yes? Our t-shirt and college apparel company recommends pairing one of our cute baseball caps with a side-pony gone rogue. Here’s how to create the look:

Start with parting your hair down the side and gathering all of the hair onto one side of the head. Secure it with a hair tie. Take a small section of hair in the pony and wrap it around the hair tie until the tie is no longer visible. Secure with bobby pins. Use a curling iron to style the pony and give it some extra “umph” before putting on the baseball cap.

Space Buns Played Down

The 90’s are making a comeback and we’re celebrating! One of the more signature looks includes the space bun look, where two buns are secured at the top. We’ve taken this classic 90’s hairstyle to make a more modern rendition that’s baseball cap approved:

Start by sectioning the hair into two pieces and secure them on each side of the head with a hair tie. Make sure that the hair is secured at the bottom of the head, so you can fit a baseball cap over it without an issue! Wrap each section around several times, consistently pinning the hair to the head, until you’ve got two little buns! Top it off with one of the baseball caps from our college apparel company!

Straight as a Pin

This look is exactly what it sounds like. Super straight hair will never truly go out of style and we think it looks uber chic with a baseball cap. Since pin straight hair oftentimes looks a little bit oily from all of the product, you can count on a baseball cap to mask the oil buildup at the roots.

Start by spraying or pumping heat protectant into your hair before styling with a straightening iron. Section out hair and get styling. Once finished, apply some hair oil to the ends and top with a baseball cap! This look is super pretty and surely channels the Kardashians!

Low Piggies

Who said pigtails were just for twelve-year-olds? Certainly not Barefoot Campus Outfitter. With this baseball cap look, we’ve taken the classic pigtail look and evolved it into a cool-girl masterpiece. Try this out:

Start by sectioning the hair down the middle into two parts and secure at the nape of the neck. Similar to the side pony look, take a small section of hair and wrap it around the tie for a more contemporary look. Secure with bobby pins and pull out a few strands in the front for a more laid back vibe. Add on the baseball cap and, voila! You’ll be the coolest girl on the town!

Bubble Braid

Again, average ponytails are super expected. Switch it up with a bubble braid! This type of ponytail is both modern and makes normal braids and ponies look like a thing of the past. Check it out:

Gather your hair into a ponytail at the back of your head. While you can switch it up and secure the hair in the middle of your head, we suggest positioning it at right above the base of the neck. After securing, pump in some texture spray and tease a little bit with a comb. About an inch down the hair, add another hair tie. Repeat until you have two-four little bubble sections. Poof them out using your fingers and add the cap! It’s a look that’s sure to turn heads!

Thanks for reading today’s blog! We hope that our baseball cap styling tips will give you an incentive to purchase even more of our super cute college apparel! Baseball caps are the perfect accessory for almost any event; get shopping and get styling! We can’t wait to see you back here soon. In the meantime, shop Barefoot Campus Outfitter’s college apparel and custom t-shirts. Thanks!

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