Our Favorite Summer Albums

Summer Albums that We’re Sure to Be Jamming out to this Entire School Year

Hey everyone and welcome back to our blog! Our college apparel and tee shirt company is finally beginning to accept that the school year is coming around the corner and the freedom of summer is tucking itself away until 2018. This summer was marked by super fun music festivals, road trips, and amazing sunshine felt all across the country. While we’ll miss the summertime, we’re super excited for what the fall semester holds! However, while the summer weather might be fading quickly, some of the jams that came out this summer will continue to play through the speakers for the next few months. Here are some of our college gear company’s favorite summer albums.

Melodrama- Lorde

In early 2017, the New Zealand music genius, Lorde, teased us with the head-banging jam, “Green Light.” Since, then, we’ve waited several painstaking months before she finally released Melodrama. And, trust us, the wait was worth the treasure. This album features Lorde’s famous melodic voice paired with ballad like songs with paced beats that delve deep into her mind, giving us a taste of her strong mind. Our college apparel company plans on jamming to Melodrama for the next few months. Hopefully by then, Lorde will have come out with a new album.

Pretty Girls Like Trap Music- 2 Chainz

Hip hop artist and rapper, 2 Chainz, came at us this summer with months of promoting his upcoming album, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, before finally releasing it this June. This album features fellow hip hop superstars like Drake, Nicki Minaj, Travis Scott, and Migos. 2 Chainz has blessed us with several years of great jams and surely didn’t disappoint with this album. The Atlanta based artist knows how to put forth some jams that our campus apparel company loves to dance to.

Funk Wav Bounces Vol.1- Calvin Harris

Perhaps the Scottish producer and DJ took a sabbatical from his famous disco and house music when he decided to produce Funky Wav Bounces Vol.1. He shook us up a little when Slide, featuring Frank Ocean and Migos, came out on the music market. Harris’s album stretches from what we’re familiar with by combining the voices of big name Hip Hop and R&B artists with some funky, California-esque beats. This album is a summertime essential and we’ll be yearning for the sunshine while jamming to this album throughout the colder months.

Big Fish Theory- Vince Staples

Hip Hop artist and rapper, Vince Staples, doesn’t hold back when it comes to putting forth his mind. This album channels the sentiments that most of the world has been feeling these past few years through quick, chillwave beats and the result is something spectacular. After releasing the song BagBak earlier this year, music lovers across the country knew they had something spectacular to look forward to. We don’t think that Big Fish Theory will fade as quickly as the temperatures will, and Barefoot Campus Outfitter plans on jamming to this showstopping album for quite some time.

No Shape- Perfume Genius

Perfume Genius has been laying low with some soft, but powerful music for the past several years but his May, 2017 album, No Shape, has really pulled the artist to the top. Perfume Genius uses his strong voice to showcase issues that are both personal, and public. In addition to the artist’s chilling melodies about his dealings, the music production accompanying the vocals is absolutely stunning. Our campus gear shop lauds Perfume Genius for his brilliant work and we’ll continue to dance/cry to it for as long as we could.

Thanks for reading today’s blog and we hope that you’ll be singing along to some of the albums with us for all of the fall semester! We know you’ll agree that these albums are some of the best of summer, and, of course, some of the best of 2017 in general. If you haven’t listened yet, perhaps it’s a good time to pop up Spotify on your computer, and perhaps browse some of Barefoot Campus Outfitter’s college gear to get you school ready this semester! Thanks again for reading and we’re excited for your new semester!

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