How to Look Super Cute at a School Sporting Event

Our Sporting Event Outfit Suggestions

Hello, hello! And welcome back to the Barefoot Campus Outfitter blog! We love to use this space to not only talk about our amazing t-shirts, campus clothes, and college attire, but we also love giving you up-to-date advice and stories that need to be shared with the world! Our company recognizes the importance of celebrating your school and we brand ourselves off of taking your school’s brand and creating super chic, custom clothes and gear for you to show off your campus pride while also looking like a total babe or bro.

Unless you live under a rock, you’re probably well aware of all of the hype that sporting events bring around campus. Whether you’re studying at a smaller school in the suburbs or a huge sprawling campus with thousands of students, sporting events are the ultimate celebration that gathers the campus to get hype and beat rivals! While sporting events are mostly focused on winning the game, they can also be the perfect spaces to showcase your style. Supporting your team and looking good has never been easier. With the help of some of Barefoot Campus Outfitter’s college apparel and style expertise, you’ll be cheering on those points and looking great while doing it.

Cool Girl/Guy

This look is for the student who loves sports, but may not like to admit it. You’re cool, fashionable, and don’t try too hard with your look. Need some fashion advice for the next football game? Try this:

We suggest pairing one of our retro style college t-shirts with a pair of ripped jeans or a denim skirt. If you’re a guy, a pair of jeans will work perfectly. Top the look off with some Adidas sneakers and a flannel button down that you could tie around the waist on the warmer days and slip on when the temperatures dip a bit lower. Not only is this look way-stylish, but it’s also super cool, laid back, and sporting event approved.

Sporty Chic

You’re the type of person who’s super into school spirit. You’re at every sporting event, cheering your team on, and dancing in the stands after every point scored! If you’re pining for some style inspiration for the next big game, look no further:

We recommend wearing one of our signature baseball tees, like our one for Iowa State, and matching it with a pair of jean shorts and sporty tube socks. If you’re a guy, wear it with some athletic or khaki shorts, extra points if they’re school colors. Make sure to top the outfit off with a school baseball cap and some sporty converse! You’ll be cheering on the team and looking great while doing so!

Bohemian Beauty

This is a more feminine outfit, sorry boys! You’re the beach loving, roadtripping girl who’s at a festival and dancing in the sunshine at every chance you get. Lovely as you may be, you also have a soft spot in your heart for school sports! For the boho babe, try out this look:

Start the outfit out strong with a retro style campus t-shirt from Barefoot Campus Outfitter, like this super adorable one for the University of South Carolina. Wear it over a flowy slip or tuck it into a floral skirt. Match with a pair of sandals or slip ons and top it off with your favorite jewelry and sunglasses. People won’t be able to keep their eyes on the game!

Comfy and Cool

You say you don’t care about how you look, but even “not caring” comes with a certain amount of effort. Not to worry. Barefoot Campus Outfitter will do all of the thinking for you. Our college apparel makes for effortless outfit planning, especially for the big game. If you’re into a more comfy look, check this out:

It’s extremely possible to look great and also feel like you’re wearing pajamas. Our college gear company suggests pairing one of our campus t-shirts with either a pair of joggers, leggings, or running shorts. The outfit isn’t complete without a baseball cap and some stylish, but comfortable, sneakers. Vans or Adidas work perfectly!

Thanks for reading today’s blog and we hope you picked up some useful information! Our company prides itself in providing the best in college apparel. Feel free to check out our inventory or contact us for questions and more information!


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